Is Your Prosperity Machine Broken?

As part of paying homage to my new MONEY course launching Jan 2018 — FEARLESS MONEY MANIFESTATION WITH DARK GODDESS, I took the liberty this quiet Sunday to reflect on Prosperity Machines and how to keep them well oiled and on the move, 24.7

My Father, came to one of my friends in channel — of course, as I remember him. BOLD, ARRESTING and POWERFUL MASCULINE ENERGY. If this the first time on my blog–My Father passed away 10 years back and I have a very long chequered family history of how we lost him, sadly. We had a nice chat and then the next morning, he came to me personally and asked me “So how is that rich plan of yours, going?”

“Rich plan?”

“Well yes. You are my daughter—we don’t come from places where we haven’t seen anything in life. Wealth is your birthright, what are you doing to get closer to it?”

So we had a long chat and he said to me “Even when you lost everything, this EXPECTATION of you getting everything back and going back into wealthy status, comes from ME —and don’t you forget it!” I laughed. I saw his point clearly and this is something I actually teach in the course. When you have wealth lineage, there is almost this natural expectation of having a lot of money. A lot of money is NORMAL and this is what those who come from families who have NOT seen money, struggle with. Their subconscious is programmed for poverty and lack all the time.

In fact, this is the most challenging thing that I am required to break the people who come to me with — out of. When I lost everything many years ago, I aligned with poverty energy and it was possibly the most painful thing in the whole wide world. Not to have money, felt like I had lost a breast and I was grieving over it. Using all the Spiritual techniques and methods, I now teach other Conscious Spartans and Spartanites, how to engineer those very strong money channels towards themselves.

I address this in one of the chapters of PART ONE of the course. There are 3 parts of this groundbreaking manifestation! We explore your prosperity machine and below is an extract of what you will be receiving 🙂

“8. They often do ‘trades’ with people for their goods and services and often avoid asking to be paid for them.

Bartering itself is a good thing and I highly recommend it. But for people with the poverty disease, it is just another escape from their avoidance of facing their worth as individuals, especially when the item they are offering for trade is their own personal service.

I have often been asked to “trade” and I have done, but on only very rare occasions where the person in question and myself had something of equivalent value. I prefer to pay with respect and properly with situations, as I possess healthy prosperity programming.

9. They often go out of their way to help other people but feel that others rarely do things to help them (they never get repaid for their kindness).

People with people with poverty mentality are often ‘real nice’ to others. They can tend to see themselves as saviours or martyrs in some cases. They become the stepping stones to others success but their own success is rarely attained. Often they can look back at all the people that they helped attain success while they remained in their same position in life. You might think that they would have all sorts of fond memories and good feelings about everyone who benefited from their assistance but that is usually not the case. More often than not they have feelings of disappointment or bitterness about how they got the short end of the stick in their transactions with others while watching their friends and family become more wealthy and successful. The paradox is that while these people see themselves as nice people who do so much for everyone else, they are never really enriched by their giving.

They most always feel robbed on some level. These are the same people who will never bring up how much their services cost. What is true for these people that could change their life is that in all of their dealings they do have great expectations of rewards in spite of the fact that they tell themselves that they are doing it solely for the purpose of helping others. The truth is that they want something out of all of their transactions with others. The only difference between them and those they help is that they are afraid to ask for what they want. Just the simple act of not asking for what we want is all that it takes to keep us from getting it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or so the saying goes. We have to verbalize our desires if we ever expect them to materialize.

10. They are the ones who get involved in many ‘free’ offers that come in the mail, like record clubs where you get ten CDs for the price of one.

They also have been victims of get-rich-quick schemes. People with prosperity problems are always looking for a way to get something for free. This is actually considered to be a low-level form of greed. And one of the main characteristics of greed is that it blinds us. People who fall for get-rich-quick schemes always do so because of their own greed. When we are blinded by greed we do not see what is really going on. Anyone who has tried one of those record clubs can tell you it was a nightmare and ended up costing them more money than if they had just gone out and purchased them outright.

But the greedy person sees this as an opportunity to get something for nothing, exactly what the record clubs want them to believe. Prosperous people do not look for freebies. They know that everything has a value and they are looking to exchange value for value. One thing I noticed after getting my own personal prosperity going is the complete lack of interest in any free stuff. I actually felt I would be taking advantage of a person if they gave me something for free—and while they may not be asking for full price, I would definitely pay them something.”

Amongst many other deep interactive situations and exercises, the FEARLESS MONEY MANIFESTATION WITH DARK GODDESS —is arriving soon to your doorstep, radically improving YOUR PERSONAL POWER WITH PROSPERITY!

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