Javanese Sex Magick Made Simple

After receiving tonnes of wonderful compliments on my initial posting Ritualistic Sex Magick , I decided to create another one today! Sex magick is one of those little talked about practices that can actually allow someone to ascend into heights of pleasure or absolutely kill themselves. I woke up this morning and chanted a 15th Century Javanese ritual, to show me how sex magick has been practiced in Supernatural areas of the world.

I was shown King Ajasamoro (nothing much can be found on him online, so if you see random posts on him, they have been stolen from me, as has a lot of my work anyway) , one of the most powerful Javanese Emperors of his time.

The King shared knowledge that men must be extremely careful of women who practice sex magick, or for whom sex sorcery runs in their blood from previous lives, because once said man sleeps with this woman, he will absolutely become obsessed with her. I asked him if it was merely sex itself, or oral sex can be counted for this too. He stated that oral sex would work faster on a man, ingesting fluids and he would go near enough insane for this woman—he would end up with a higher sex drive and pleasure himself any chance he found. King Ajasamoro had a huge harem of many concubines and wives, with many children and grand children until old age. His ritualistic practices were mainly shrouded in silence, and many members of the Bornean Iban tribes followed them, for grand sex.

His rituals consist of Love, and of Sex –and both can be found in sex magick in itself.

Love ritual would be as follows : 

Attraction of specific person….

  1. Stand by the front door on in your garden on a Friday night. 
  2. Take a deep breath and hold it. Meantime, with your right hand, clap the ground 7 times. The Spirits will make themselves known to you with a cool breeze.
  3. Having built up your emotions, invoke King Ajasamoro with his incantation, STRONGLY and with confidence.
  4. At the end of the rite, repeat the person’s name 3X over. 


Sex ritual is as follows : 

This sex magick ritual can make someone near enough OBSESSED to have sex with you. Man or woman, this does not matter at ALL. It is equivalent to having your Lilith placement in your 7th house (I speak from experience). Any Lilith with 7th, is NOT advised to try this, as the energy runs in you naturally. It can drive the person mentally insane if you try this with your Lilith in 7th.

  1. Sit anywhere you wish, without being detected and without blocking the view of the person. Rub your thumb forcefully with your index finger.
  2. Having built up your emotions inside your body, invoke King Ajasamoro’s Sex Magick Rite, softly.
  3. Keep reciting the incant until you see the person respond.

If you see this being done on you, and you wish to break it, get a matchstick, incant the full evocation of Bismillah X3 and state you BREAK this rite affecting you.

I have not provided the incantations in this post, because I am all too aware of people’s nefarious intentions to use this against an unsuspecting person. Fires of blood lust, are very challenging to break because of the momentum that required to level them out. I teach more of these rites and forbidden rituals in my Spartanite Spiritual Goddess programme, which dedicates myself to the Underworld Dark Feminine and emboldening one’s Self, with it.

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