King Clauneck & The Insecure Feminist Mind of a “Boss Bitch”

It is sad that I feel to write this article, but of course — here I am.

It is the much spoken about angry Feminism based mentality that most Western Women, have ended up unintentionally subscribing to. Feminism is a CANCER. Once it is in your system, you are DESTROYED as a woman. I absolutely maintain my distance from Feminists, I have never seen a happy one in my life –and I don’t care to understand the poisonous mentality it brings. As a Spartanite, I never understood the hatred of men and usurping a nasty, horrible, mean character that most western women do — basically taking on Masculine traits and the negative ones at that.

As I was building my Entrepreneurial foundation years ago, I came to a conclusion to study Successful women. I loathed and hated what I saw. Most Successful women, in no uncertain terms are mean, cruel, bitches. They don’t behave like men — THEY ARE MEN THEMSELVES. Shallow, Vain, Obnoxious, Snooty, Snobbish, Mean, Selfish, and of course Arrogant. This all stems from INSECURITY on the inside, as one of my close friends says “Most women do not know how to be a woman any longer. They have never seen a Successful woman NOT be a bitch, so when they see you, it confuses them. How can she be a kind, generous person and have money? Something is off”. I have been to MANY events globally and when I hear the woman is a CEO, Director, some leader of some sort–I know the bitch energy is coming. I have rarely been wrong on this. There are whole MOVEMENTS dedicated to being a Boss Bitch, because God Forbid you were a good person and successful. It is shameful and embarrassing to see what most women have become — obnoxious.

So why do women become bitchy and horrible to others?

I took to King Clauneck to ask him a bit more about this “boss bitch” mentality. 

Me : Clauneck! Thank you for coming. I have a few questions to ask you about this mentality

CK : You are welcome, my daughter. How do you wish me to address this issue?

Me : CK, why have women become so miserable, bitchy, and horrible in general in Western Society?

CK : That’s simple. Feminism. It is a cancer, and teaches a woman to take on negative masculine traits, become like a man, reject men, reject her femininity and be horrible to others. It’s the whole premise of that “boss bitch mentality”. Angry, pathetic, vapid, vain and shallow. Women are still naturally feminine where Feminism hasn’t infected them yet. This is why most western women are single or are cheated on. They have no traits that are becoming of a woman any longer. Western society is VERY MASCULINE. Women don’t have any role models on a healthy feminine model for Success. The women they look up to, have been engineered by the elite — are all whores, prostitutes, gold diggers, strippers. Cheap women basically. The average western woman doesn’t need to sell her body for money. She does it anyway through her lack of clothes and needy, desperate actions. I am a man, this is how men think. It doesn’t matter whether someone reading my channel likes what I say or not. It is the truth. Increasingly western masculine men who have sense in their head (which are few in numbers seeing as plastics have turned most of them homosexual by the minute), leave these hemispheres to find proper wives and a balanced mother for their children. You have travelled ENOUGH in the world, to know what I am saying is a reality. 

Me : So they behave like men, because they feel they need to?

CK : Correct. Most successful women are mean and bitchy. They think men are intimidated by their Success. This is incorrect and laughable to a man. Men don’t need horrible negative masculine energy in their life and hence just leave them alone. These women behave like men –fight, compete, and try and throw their weight around to impress others. The energy these “boss bitches” give off is absolutely pathetic and sick to a well adjusted individual. It is bossy, controlling, and disgusting. They have no manners to talk to people, let alone engage with a man. It is borderline impossible to remain feminine as a woman in Western society. Feminism being the first lunacy, second being the hormones that have turned most men gay and most women into angry, bitter feminists. They are being pumped into your foods through plastics and in your drinking water.

Me : How have I maintained Femininity and how do you find I teach it well to others?

CK : You worked on all of your insecurities inside and don’t feel the need to be a bitch and treat others like shit, to make yourself feel big. You’re not pathetic. Your adversity taught you compassion and you actually have the gift of treating others, irrespective of their station in life, like a HUMAN BEING. Not something forced to serve you, because you have money and they don’t. Femininity is kind, elegant, and generous. You work through it because you don’t eat garbage, you don’t listen to mainstream music, you don’t watch movies, and you have a basic respect for men, despite what predatory men of your past, put you through. You choose to be your original self. You are not fake, shallow, and inhumane to others. 

Me : What can you recommend for me to share in this post that women can learn from?

CK : Spartanite teaches true feminine empowerment. It rejects Feminism and hence you have the genuine support of men globally. They see your work and want to push your brand forward because they feel loved, appreciated, and included. You are breaking women out of cancerous mentalities. Your work and your natural shine allows women to see they can be a leader, strong, valuable and hold powerfully feminine traits of kindness, generosity, love, empathy, nurture and the ability to allow a man who is worthy to lead them. You allow them to see that being a bitch isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and being a kind human being with strong boundaries, is how you hit the jackpot. You will change many women’s lives without you even realising. It’s a knock on effect.

Me : Thank you Clauneck. I always value your invaluable guidance in every area of life <3

After I sat with Clauneck's channel for a while, I came to realise everything he's said, is apt and accurate. This is why I do such heavy work on creating strong and powerful Feminine radiance through my ritualistic work and my Feminine Radiance Bracelet and Custom Bracelets (if required)

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