King Clauneck & Your Conscious Wealth Thoughts

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum & Dictionnaire Infernale,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. All Hail THE KING, for the life transformational financial guidance he gives me 🙂

A few days back, I was cleaning my place and I decided to have a lengthy discussion with him about thinking Conscious Wealthy Thoughts and being in Resonance (alignment) with it. I was asking him a lot of questions and he made me sit down and write the answers as he was speaking. Clauneck is BIG on pointing out what is going wrong, so I can see the flaws and cracks and correct them quickly. I took the liberty to put down some of our chat into this blog post.

(Clauneck in Bold, myself in Normal)

Me : “Clauneck 🙂 I am clearing everything out but can you explain how things hold you back in life? I know a lecture is coming : ”

C : “Ha. Then why do you bother asking? *laughs* Things have a bio-resonant frequency of their own. As one of your (rare) gifts, is being Clairtangient (feeling the energy of objects, things, and places), you’re affected much worse than the average person. Most people do not let go of things, people, places, situations, because their IDENTITY is wrapped up in that thing. Never be so attached to something in life that you cannot eliminate it, once it’s time comes to go. You ever seen someone hang on to a piece of clothing? It is tatted, worn, 2nd hand, downgraded? They don’t hold onto the fabric, Nadia. They hold onto the memories attached to it. There is a reason we have trained you to be detached, so well.

Me : “I got you. Speaking of Identity. What annoys me about the word donations and people with low prices? I have been doing a lot of work on this and trying to understand the Plutonian Core of this?”

C : “I know that you already know this answer. For the benefit of the readers on your blog, I will answer it.

Donations are traditionally reserved for charities and those who live in poverty consciousness. Donating itself, isn’t a bad thing, but as a Daemon of Wealth, I wouldn’t accept a Donation. I am a King and I have my standards (as you well know). Donations repel you because the person offering it, usually is coming from lack consciousness, and that consciousness is like a plague. What use is £10 going to be to you? Not much. This does not mean you do not value £10. It simply means the currency amount does not move you. Donations aren’t much and people asking for them are often have beggar energy, needy, desperate, and pathetic.  Most people are infected with it (lack consciousness), like a virus. And the virus takes over their whole life. Next; on the low prices — the same problem. People’s prices are a reflection of their self worth.

A lot of high earners in the Employment world can make large amounts of money because it doesn’t involve Self Worth. I mean this in a sense; where they are still hiding behind a veneer. Nadia, a person can make £300K a year as an employee and struggle to make £30K as a business owner, because BUSINESS is played on a different set of rules. You cannot afford to hide in a Business. It brings up pain. It brings up the struggle all humans have been programmed with, insidiously; and slowly. You know the pain you have faced in creating Spartanite. Look at the amount of challenges you have faced, behind closed doors. The Plutonian Core is simple. Because your wealth consciousness is strong, anything free or low priced, is of LEAST interest to you. Tell me, my daughter, how do you feel when someone you see has low prices? Does it compel you to buy? How about those with higher prices? What goes through your mind?”

Me : “I feel exceptionally uncomfortable when I see low prices. I cannot imagine it holds ANY value for me and it feels like a time waste. I cringe at low prices. Even if something was good, I would be more than likely not to buy at a lower price. Higher prices, to me look normal and reasonable. I am supposed to pay X amount to receive someone’s time, or service or items. They have probably taken the time to masterfully craft and design them and I want to honour that labour of Love for them 🙂 — Hmm. What goes through my mind? I see how much I have been able to transform myself and come to TRULY appreciate the phrase INVESTMENT IN ONE’S SELF. It’s taken me a while but I get your lessons now. Especially, the ones on the 24 hour timers ha ha!”

C : “I am glad you do. Wealth Consciousness, is nothing but a literal mentality. The mentality roughly takes about 3-5 years to concrete, and you’re very close to completing your foundation of it. You have been having a lot of Daemonic lessons recently even from The Dutchess ( He means Dutchess Bune — Daemonic Queen of Money, Feminine Charm & Seduction). She has worked on your mind too. Do you remember how I have thrown tests at you and watched how you behave? If you cannot even handle 10K properly, how on Earth would you handle 100K, 500K, 1M+? You cannot. If you require yourself to make proper money in life, you cannot be intimidated by it. Most people are intimidated by money and fancy things easily. How the hell can you feel comfortable in a place you’re intimidated by? You just can’t.

Me : “Haha yes Bune. I love her. I got your points really well. So something has to feel normal for you to proceed, you mean? And how is it people want to make X amount but cannot?”

C : “Oh this is a good question! Finally a question I am moved to answer. (Me : Really Clauneck, Really? Lol *thinking to myself*) Okay. Does it feel weird paying someone 5k one morning if you were invoice for some services you wanted to buy? I heard your sarcasm, by the way O.o”

Me : “Not really, why? I, obviously have to pay them to get the work done?” (trying to work out what he means here?…)

C : “Does it feel weird receiving 5K one morning when you wake up?”

Me : “Again no, it’s part of Business? Am I not supposed to receive sales?”

C : “Then there is your answer, isn’t it? Why would it feel weird for you to receive £5K in one transaction if you comfortably pay it to someone else. Are you starting to see the point here? People demand X amount but they have never paid someone that money to start with. In order to receive X money, you need to pay someone that amount to concrete that, that amount is NORMAL to move between money borders. You get it?”

Me : “I do yes. So basically, I don’t feel weird receiving large amounts of money, because I am used to paying them to others anyway?”

C: “Affirmative. You see the VALUE of doing so. Hence telling someone something is 20K in your price point doesn’t make you nervous. It’s normal for you. It’s like saying it’s raining outside lol. How can you quote someone something if you yourself have never paid that to anyone? Your brain won’t allow you to do it. So what are low prices, really telling you?”

Me : “They want cheap customers?? : ”

C : “HA HA HA. That too. It speaks of a lack of value. Cheap people love cheap items. They will not invest in something because they don’t feel they are worth the best. People remain broke, out of CHOICE. Not out of FORCE. You’re a living example. You broke your own chokehold and today you do it for those who are serious about doing so, too.”

Me : “I appreciate you sharing all this with me. Is there any best way people can get started on upgrading those pesky thoughts that keep them trapped?”

C : “Your money bracelets in the Store, are a good start. And so are your aura cleanses. Money doesn’t go to dirty people. And by dirty, I mean energetically dirty. Your aura is black as sin, but you want to attract and hold onto money? As the New York Italians say “fuhgettddaboutit” (forget about it). 

As I finished my cleaning, I got the psychology of why people feel and stay trapped in a place that they cannot break out from. It was insightful and hopefully it helps you too!

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