Life After Sludge Demonic Possession — Arabic Magick + Djinn Protection For Self

The “Life After Sludge Demonic Possession” posts I have, both on this blog and on Medium, are a multitude in education for people who are not familiar with the nature of evil djinn and what they can do to a person in a lifetime. This is sort of like a public survivor documentary for me and for those who wish to understand where my Spartanite Strength originates from.

As a survivor of 4 djinn sent to kill me by select relatives on my estranged Father’s side, the same way my Father sadly passed away, breaking free from this prison — has been a never ending nightmare but it is with great joy and pride, that I now serve others from this horrific abuse and pain.

3 weeks ago, I felt a terrible miserable mood, that just wouldn’t lift. I was snappy and was opting for silence, instead of snapping someone’s head off. That Saturday night, my migraine just wouldn’t budge. I had to fall asleep otherwise my head was going to feel split apart open. After I woke up after a few hours, I felt my brain being electronically scrambled and I knew immediately evil djinn were trying to possess me again. With all the strength I summoned, I grabbed the bunch of Arabian incense mixture, dragged myself to the kitchen, grabbed self lighting charcoal and went to the front room. I lit up the charcoal, and threw the mixture on it, burning it and censing myself in a thick cloud of smoke. I began playing a recitation of Ruqyah (the Islamic verses when djinn need to be taken out of you) and the pain started to lessen out. I kept reciting Surah Al Baqarah and felt the presence of 5 evil djinn loudly rambling in anger and rage.

In a few days, the pain subsided and I was given the Intel that they had tried to tear down my shielding to possess me again (like once already wasn’t already bad enough). They had watched me remove black magick from a client in a Road Opener Ritual, and weren’t too happy about this. Malefic djinn detest good human beings whose Qareen (your djinn lookalike companion in the Astral realm — every single person has one) they cannot corrupt. Upon departure, out of anger they disconnected my home phone and broke my vacuum cleaner (classy!) and in my sleep, tied my hair to the back of the headboard, something –anything, to dismantle my mental stability. Highly unimpressed, I burned Louban (Frankincense) Basil, and Gum Mastic, and summoned my Court to speak with. They mentioned the Magick I had protected myself with, was so powerful that no Djinn could attack me again, be it human sent, or of free will. I was pleased.

As a survivor of Djinn possession, abuse, trauma, and sexual assault, there will always be times your abusers show up again. I have had abusers text me out of no where, threaten me, humiliate and shame me sexually — and the list can go on. As one learns to take up defence and power in the new version of Self, protection from abusers who are mainly djinn possessed themselves, is a relief and a blessing. One can create shields so powerful that nothing or no one can ever come through them again. Creating shielding against abusers and djinn, is practically equal, except Djinn can and hurt you in ways even abusers cannot reach you.

One must be strategic in how to create these shields, create traps within the shields, and create “energy locks” so that their energy gets trapped in and sucked out. I have no empathy for abusers, I do not consider them human and will seek to tear them to shreds and violently dismantle, disfigure, and torture them — with the same playful,sadistic energy, they use on their victims who were once entrusted to them and care for them. It is not enough to mentally just heal from the pain and trauma they leave you with, one must completely and utter destroy their embers of their soul, so that MORE good, innocent people are not hurt anymore. This is of course an extreme view on things. Some people forgive their abusers — I don’t have such kind of strength or power in me, and nor am I interested to understand why they abuse. I may never be able to go back and reverse trauma, consensual rape, and extreme mind–shock splitting pain I have faced, but I can lessen the pain others face with what I do, today.

When one abuses, they face the consequences in the Magickal and Arcane Courts.

Using Rouhani Sihir (Spiritual Arabic Magick), I learned to create absolutely bulletrproof impenetrable shields that no form of magick, is able to disrupt. This is done through the form of Ilm Al Horuf (The Hidden Occult Arabic Science of Letters) and Ilm Al Ghaib (Arabian Forbidden Alchemical Knowledge). Ilm in Arabic, means Knowledge — specifically, Spiritual Knowledge at that. As a ritual is performed, different gums, incenses, and other items are burned during recitation, and other items and objects needed to complete it. Embracing Magick in all it’s glory, allowed me to fully take control over my life from those who wanted to see me rot, burn, and dead — in no respectable linear order as to which came first.

It is impossible to explain and describe the concept of power to those who don’t walk this path.

For those who do, welcome home.

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