Plutonian Self Protection : Learning To Deceive a Deceiver

In ancient India, lying and stealing were absolute art forms. Which, in modern day sounds fucking hilarious, but in a society that has been designed on Sword energy (I mean Swords suit from the Tarot deck), my mind’s eye is taken to the 7 of Swords, in my mind–the typical narcissist card. As years have gone on, dealing with variant shades of narcissists and their array of colours under which they operate, one must mentally always be ahead of these type of people who delight in theft, trickery, slander, gossip, manipulation and power-plays.¬†

I found myself unconsciously one night lying about all my experiences over the past 6 months to a narcissist who felt he possessed a hold over me. Seeing as he could only gain clout over me if he had the truth, wisdom of the gods would suggest that it is wise that one lies for their own protection. The next time (and there will never be one) he would have thought to turn something against me, it would have fired back on him because everything I told him is a lie to MATCH HIS OWN REALITY AS A LIAR. A person can never be too careful about volunteered information that is put out there, because there is ALWAYS SOMEONE looking to take it from you. I have seen my work outright plagarized and stolen on many social networking sites and websites themselves, because various people think it is okay to take something and “white label” it as theirs. This world operates on dark, deep and intensely sinister energy (hello, Scorpio?), it is wise to be able to walk into the abyss and learn to spot a fraud quickly. Con artists are always using sleight of hand, and having been around multiple cons at a young age, I learn to protect myself quickly by doing certain things that allowed me to navigate my time with them, as well as extract myself from the spider’s web.

DO NOT give people benefit of the doubt.

Yeah, sure that’s going to sound jaded—but really, who cares? People are guilty until they are proven innocent, not the other way round. We live in a world filled with snakes dressed in impeccable suits, predators and wolves in fine sheep’s clothing, masquerading, lying, cheating and conning their way through your life. Second chances should be rarely, if AT ALL ever given—and I say this from a lot of ACE OF SPADES experience. I am born under the AOS card, the PLUTONIAN CARD OF SURVIVAL AND DEATH, ITSELF.¬†As a satisfaction strategy, keep your plans and your successes to yourself and move forward in SILENCE. What people do not know, they cannot hurt and ensure that you squash your ENEMY, DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.

Deadly is a person of whom you are never able to discern strategy, be it through befriending and pretending to ensnare their mental thought processes through gilb and charm, nor would it be through divination and scrying–as the person will already be cloaked and possessed. We do not live in a “fair and just” world, so please for the love of God, stop fooling yourself into thinking that you can be nice to a predator and win brownie points with them. As Belvia always says “The lion doesn’t care if you’re a vegetarian. It WILL eat you”.

Pathological lying is a mental disorder, and please do your best to stay away from sick people, but in any event you cannot–lie. Lie through your teeth and save your own soul. Lies are not always a bad thing, if they are saving the Truth.

It’s time to venture into the Forbidden Underworld with me, right here