Spartanite Stoicism & Life Strategy Planning To WIN

“A winner knows that in order to maintain a winning mindset, one must have the know how, in the areas of mind direction, leverage, and manipulation” — King Clauneck — WINNING : CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE THROUGH CHARM, MAGNETISM, &, STRATEGY.


Many moons ago, I wrote one of our most viewed blog articles about RUNNING YOUR MOUTH SYNDROME + SILENCE — which can be found here


Now, it should come as absolutely zero surprise that most people cannot keep news to themselves, much less, not have this bug that the average person is infected with.


To tell everyone, everything about your life, in a disempowering fashion. The general nature of people, is not honourable. People are selfish, mean, egotistical, vain, jealous, envious, arrogant, and most importantly — petty. Those of us who practice the Occult, are very well versed in seeing people for who they REALLY are, and most importantly what they want. In other words, their TRUE FACE. 


I encourage people to share their stories, boldly and candidly, to inspire, motivate, and encourage others — however with great discretion. I see many people study Stoicism in great depth and detail, and these topics always lure in those who want to learn ways to keep their mouth shut because their ego always wants to win first prize. A man’s ego and a woman’s vanity, often destroy them both; both are formed of the habit of showing off.  A lot of people are simply naive and think that bragging about how their company made 6 figures, or they signed a million dollar contract, or now they have a new loving relationship, or they have lost weight and look pleasing to the eye, or gained new clients, or done this or that — life achievements, are going to suddenly invoke other people into feeling that emotion for them. People are not going to be happy for you. I say this time, and time, and time, again. I say this with tonnes of LIFE experience, and observation.


Keep your good news to yourself, and if one wishes to share it, do it with someone whose character you have vetted to have operation on LOGIC, COMMON SENSE, and RULES OF POWER. 


People, and their nature — can easily be studied from Machiavellian perspectives, and the average person tells people their good news freely, due to elation and lack of control over their emotions. Stoicism matures one’s emotions. Now, from a personal perspective — I have never studied Stoicism as being a Spartanite — life lends you natural bouts of it, however Marcus Aurelius and his gang — such as Plutarch, Plato and all the wise men of their time, have always called to me, since I was a young woman. Immaturity and naivety, can easily be the cost and death of an individual. There is the saying that the police often use, a narcissistic saying — nonetheless, they make it clear upon stopping or arresting you.


“Anything further you say from this point forward, can, and will be used against you.”


Atleast they are honest in telling you. The natural instinct of man, is to keep one’s mouth SHUT at this point. It makes a person wonder as to why more people cannot use this life rule. The short answer is, not understanding the TRUE FACE of others. When I see people brag about their companies and how much they have made, I ask myself many times “to whom or what, are they trying to prove this? Who realistically gives a flying fuck what you made, unless they possess insecurity or the desire to siphon your resources for themselves”.


Repeating things, is convincing of the SELF. Bragging about things, is convincing of the OTHER.


Both are exceptionally useless strategies, to win at life. Winning comes from precision of the steps you wish to take and make, in order to further yourself. Many people think they are strategic and then find themselves in the same place in life. The real scenario about this, is the lack of brain power to strategize and then organise one’s self upon command to attack, or retreat; depending on what the situation calls for. Precision is everything. In life, to WIN, you have to be a sniper with immaculate precision not to miss your target.


And precision comes with time, persistence, endurance, perseverance, and planning.


Books and material on Stoicism, can teach you many things.


I will, as a Spartanite, teach you but one.


Winning is simple. You just have to be disinterested to lose.


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