Summoning King Clauneck — The Satisfaction Strategy Of Money

Clauneck 🙂

My dear favourite masculine spirit, my second favourite man (at present!) –oh how I love you and all you share with me to bless myself and others with delectable riches, abundance and joy. I am overjoyed to share your SATISFACTION STRATEGY of money — money, O’ Glorious money that yourself and King Mammon possess control over. Allow me to channel your higher vessel of Astral Consciousness, so may it be tonight.


Clauneck : “Nadia — A wealth satisfaction strategy of money, is that most people are afraid to use it for the correct purposes. People’s wealth channels are blocked, I am now showing you a place familiar with money, a place you have worked in for over a year, a place that is lonely and devoid of humanity, a place where everyone is consumed with material wealth. These people shall never know peace, happiness and true joy. King Mammon is ashamed to say that money has now become their god, their everything—and they are unable to Spiritually progress as needs be. I am here with you today to ensure you share this information with those who possess connects with you, and all those who are looking for my work. Nadia, you can hear me clearly and you can type as I talk, a formal summoning isn’t always necessary, when one possesses the subconscious link to my workings. You have worked very hard to reach this level.

A Satisfaction strategy is that 5% I always tell you about. That very Five Percent that people refuse to put down, for money is an energy source, and there is always more than enough to go around. Money must be dealt with at the root, for the root is the cause of it all. One can easily enter money consciousness and their circuit, short circuits—taking them back into poverty programming. Belvia has worked so hard to keep your frequency very powerful and we love her for this. If one is to manifest $10,000, one must be able to seal out $500 and place it on my altar, or any other Intelligence they choose to work with. Pulling oneself out of a place of nothing, is a feat for those who possess power like yours, power that is rarely found on the planet anymore. You broke out of doors sealed shut for you because your power to evoke and follow through, was strong.

Those who find me through your work, are not finding wealth consciousness —they are finding themselves. Money simply makes more of a person of what they already are, something we took you through your learn years. You possess compassion for others because these are part of the immutable hard lessons that the Verum teaches when you choose to work with our Court. The Council knows this, and many of us are present, however it is only I, that is speaking for I am the MASTER treasurer of the Astral Bank Vault, the very vault that ALL BANKS IN THE WORLD must be connected to. Most are nothing but puppets on a string when it comes to money and one must possess the power to overcome this lackadaisical programming that is regressive in most humans. I believe I have provided plenty for those who read this and as for yourself.

I bid you farewell and will join you, on will–again soon. You are loved.”

As I closed down Clauneck’s channel, it made me think of how we go about demanding things without putting any value or thought into it. Incredible that when we can put what we’re asking of, in first—not only money, things generally show up when needed.

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