The Raw Deal : 5 Figure Months, 6/7 Figure Business

This is a very cliched post that I am going to write, because I see it everywhere in the self-development worlds. There is a perspective only packing your bags and going away can give you, and as I sat watching an open field on a train today, I started to wonder about this hype that’s created around 6-7 figure businesses.

Most “gurus” and sales coaches and whatever other contrived boring bullshit you can imagine of, come up with creating a 6 figure business. It’s a nice way to rope people in, and make them see stars in their eyes, make them sign up their card details and they sign into your programme. I paid $5,000 to this one woman once and apart from a few bits and bats, the course was a piece of crap. I THOUGHT I needed the damn thing, it’s okay–you live and learn.┬á took some stuff for Spartanite that was helpful and chucked the rest in the bin, because I was so bored. Working with her, made me realise how DIFFERENT, SPARTANITE living is, and how I really just need to stick to working with my Spirits and my Occult mentor(s) that I’ve interchanged over the years.

I very RARELY take ANY guidance from someone who does not channel Spirits fluently because Spirits provide the type of RAPID quantum jumping that not a single human I have met on the planet, can do. I was replying to someone’s message about our sale today on Twitter and I saw this dick of a copywriter shooting down people’s businesses because they are not “precise enough”. He is quite popular with his little following because he gives “straight shooter” (read : asshole dickhead) advice to people who are young and hungry (and can be easily exploited–been there done it..woof) I am most certainly not pin-pointed precise enough but what I do say is that I teach Divine Self Empowerment To Bold Entrepreneurs. In my earlier days, I would have wanted to pick a fight with him and in my Dark Feminine path, I know he’s a dickhead and hence he is below what energy I must/would expend on him.

He then went on to state about how “easy” it is to make 10K (pick your currency, loves) when you price your service/product at X amount and “go get em”. Someone tell Papi Chulo that not everyone is a shark when it comes to closing sales and if a person does not have the FREQUENCY to command thousands a month, THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO IRRESPECTIVE OF ALL THE “NLP, SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING AND IMPRINTING”. Frequency goes far, far deeper than ALL of these. Creating a 6 figure business, never mind 7, is really not a joke. Most people who come from CORPORATE backgrounds, are used to seeing large amounts of numbers, but they are NOT FREE. That is where the challenge comes.

I saw a guy in my youth who dumped me for a 6 figure job (and who also lied about his age and liking men..), and I just didn’t get the DEAL of why he was salivating like a hungry dog over this thing. 6 figures are honestly SIMPLE (I didn’t say easy) when you do the right things in Business. Belvia politely reminded me that in Corporate worlds, 6 figures is a big deal. I have seen very successful ladies close very large amounts in their Corporate jobs, only to realise they cannot do it for themselves, and that’s because they don’t have a proper FINANCIAL structure of empowerment.

Which is why I designed our Amethyst Wealth Magnetism Bracelet and our Spartanite Arabian Money Box. You don’t have to go chasing people for your sales, or what not. You don’t have to fight, and struggle, and push because they place you in ALIGNMENT with money. What El Mucho Macho copywriter probably has no clue about, is you do not have to be a dickhead to make money (which is sadly what most egotistical men, become) because their ego is already out of control, add money and the whole thing goes up in flames.

Remember, when you’re looking at “hey, you can make 6-7 figures”, first of all–not all that glitters, is gold. And secondly…


Why make life harder than it needs to be ? ­čśë