The Secret Ingredient To Cultivate A Winning Aura Part 2

Disclaimer : As a woman, who has dedicated her whole entire existence as her life purpose, to Humanity — it is my job to EMPOWER and EMBOLDEN others to rise and fight the ASTRAL sickness on this planet. This was a pact I made with God, The Most Highest in 2015, and I am liable to uphold it through my Divine Spiritual court, irrespective of personal commitments (be it when I meet the right man to marry and start a family with) as well as anything else I am called to, in the Mundane. As a Guardian of the TRUTH, I am a voidwalker and have humanity’s best interests–which makes my path, a challenging one.

With that out of the way —

It is very rare that I come back and do a Part 2 of posts that my Spiritual Court, has already made me cover. You can read Part 1, here — in which I cover Winning Auras, but I want to cover this a bit more in depth today. I had a client come to me this morning and we were speaking about winning at life. She asked me a few questions and as I gave her the answers… I felt my right ear itch a little and I knew Belvia (my spirit guide) was itching to speak on something she felt I didn’t have much authority on as a human. I asked my client if the channel was a go-ahead to post to enrich other Spartanites, she was most happy to do so.

Belvia : “All humans do is just want to throw pity parties and please each other. Jesus. Dios Mio (MY GOD, in Spanish — Belvia is a Spaniard)– If things aren’t working out with someone or something, LEAVE. Why drag it on? Look XYZ, people either win at life or they lose. Most people are losers, straight up — AND THEY KNOW THIS. THEY KNOW THEY ARE A LOSER.

But feel offended when someone else calls them that? In life, no one teaches you how to win, you have to FIND those ways of winning and stick with them. One wrong person around you, will cost you. I am not asking a human to be sociopathic about their choices, but come on — we all know you are the company you keep. You have come to Nadia about your life, and yet you’re expecting winning results with losers in your life. Can you please for once leave the losers alone? They have made their decision not to win. Why should that be your issue—when you deserve, desire and have rich taste for a better life. Ambition is not a dirty word, senora — you must have the SPARK you can fan to BLAZE a winning victory. How will people respect you when you do not respect yourself and DEMAND from your life, only the very best.

You either control life, or you’re it’s bitch. Choose.”

My client scribbled her notes down and felt GREAT. I saw the fight turn on in her eyes, that very fight that kept me alive in the cold, lonely and isolated days where I had no one to turn to, not even a hug. That fight pushed me so hard, I broke free of anything and anyone holding me back. In Part 1, of this piece—I speak about BINARIES.

I am going to touch on them again.

Binaries are the death of the modern human. Binaries are how people justify their moral stupidity and relative selection, as well as pledge themselves to a place, timeframe, matter, state of mind, person or otherwise situation. It is how people justify all their wrongdoings in life, because “our religion, our race, our faith, our way of life is better”. Binaries are the cause of psychosis—as Belvia always reminds me.

My client asked me another question that I find important to share. It was about why so many people and no one takes them seriously. I asked her “Why do you take ME seriously and pay me? What sets me apart?”. She replied by saying “oh, that’s easy. I feel every meet with you is a truth BOMB gone off”. I smiled.

Of course I would…

I possess Plutonian energy. All that Scorpio in my chart comes in handy. A lot of people have Scorpio in their chart and use it for nothing but sneaky, low level manipulative mind games. No one has time for that. Not in Spartanite Land. So here is how to make people take you SERIOUSLY :

1. Be about your shit. No one cares about your plans until you show them something concrete. No one cared about Spartanite until I won awards, wrote multiple books and commanded myself with a presence of authority.

2. Keep your word. If you have promised something, do your best to follow through. I know we are all human and sometimes we cannot—but really, do your best. It’s more than the rest.

3. Stop associating with people who don’t add anything to your life. This one is so hard and so difficult because of human emotion. I had to accept that I had to walk away from people who drained me senseless and had no real goals in life. I had to look at their whole entire life and wonder —I wonder what they have to show for it. Not because of hard times, or anything—I am talking GENERAL respite and resolve with grit. If someone has no strength of character, people assume you don’t either— because, Law of Association.

When you leave behind the powerless, victim, diseased version of yourself—there are many areas in your life that will require change, struggle and replanning. Some people and things will be violently ripped and stripped away from you.

Let the purge, commence.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the section below <3