Using Psychic Ability To Decipher PERFECT Con Artistry

Psychic ability is one of those things that is like a bulletproof vest, but on the inside. 

As you keep strengthening your intuition, you will absolutely come to find that the whole world is based on a lie, and IS A LIE. We live in a Jack of Diamonds world (Cardology people, come get your woman!) where everything is a master grand illusion. I was reading a post on Twitter someone showed me about Tony Robbins and how he “intimidated” a sexual assault survivor on the #metoo hashtag. Truth is, the man is a predatory Class A cocaine addicted, narcissistic psychopath. The very first time I listened to one of his videos, I felt a very strange stirring sensation in my Sacral chakra, telling me that he abuses his power over people and especially over women. Learning he was a hypnotist, confirmed that he is EXACTLY the con artist I had seen him to be, as.

Which brings me to a very scintillating point, being something my client said to me.

She had watched a Grant Cardone video, another Tony Robbins *sigh* and she was disorientated and confused. I knew instantly that his parasitic energy had latched onto her, and had reduced her into a mess, the way a typical abuser gas-lights their victim. I know this energy well, because I have endured YEARS of narcissistic abuse, and I needed to find all my strength as an iguana, to out-run the snakes after me. Narcissistic psychopaths, are more dangerous than a snake. A mother snake, at-least cares for her baby snake, out of love and compassion.

A predator, cares for no one except him/herself. 

Psychic ability, is either something you have, or you do not. Those who genuinely possess the gift, are able to find their way out of the most challenging situations, because they are always listening to their Spiritual Court as well as their intuition, ABOVE ALL THE NOISE AND MESS OF THIS WORLD. When you wish to channel the Truth for a specific situation, I would recommend turning off logging into all social media platforms for 72 hours, not reading any e-mails and spending time by oneself and in nature. Silence teaches us many things about ourselves, our form and nature, at large.

Most humans are easily duped and deceived, because rarely do people stop to let someone else speak.

I cannot express how many people simply cut me off as I am mid-sentence, half way during a consultation, because they are so accustomed to their dramatic, dysfunctional, abusive background; where everyone has to scream and fight to have themselves heard. I often just let people speak until they have ran out of steam and when they ask if I heard them, I reply affirmatively and remind them that I do not like interrupting someone speaking. Some realise their mistake, most do not and will come up with an egotistical excuse to justify it. Had it not been for psychic ability, I would have never been able to escape the sludge demons that nearly killed me and left me mentally maimed and traumatized for years.

Belvia and Big C (Clauneck), have always reminded me the value and importance of being super selective of what I am watching, thinking, reading etc — because my mind is constantly like a phone signal tower, tuning into thinking impulses, thought-forms and feelings of others. Many spiritual women, do not possess any formal training on their gift, I know I most certainly didn’t and if you’re not careful—people in society will not accept your psychic gift, they will simply label you psychotic. As I have done increasing work on Self, I came to realise most people do not have healthy self worth, because they do NOT listen to themselves. From a young age, infusing Latin into mainstream English, has created spells and hexes upon the speaker, receiver and listener—simply by word vibrations. For some Spirits to appear, one must have a conjuration, some spirits have enns (demons often do) and some have other conjurations with Luban (frankincense).

I conjured a spirit one day and as he appeared, I sat down to ask him why humans are such a mess and he kept showing me a spiders web and words plastered all over it. I confirmed with him (he doesn’t wish me to share his name, so I will call him FH), that most humans speak with mindless thought. FH also stated that music has embedded commands into people’s subconscious minds through subliminal back-masking and other lesser known manipulation tactics, that the average dumbed down human, is least aware of.

If you are a Spiritual woman and you are looking to increase your gift and discover a proper structure to ascertain and label a price on your work, Spartanite Spiritual Goddess, is ideal for you. It’s time, you too, had access to forbidden knowledge and venture into the underworld, discovering rites that will liberate you from the matrix.

Remember, freedom, has a price.

Don’t wait until the time is right. Take the time, and make it right. 

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