What Causes People To Chronically Underearn?

This is a topic that is widely asked by a lot of people, especially women in many circles–when you realise that you actually have a problem with money.

You may notice that someone may always struggle with the topic of finances, but under-earning is a whole another story. Some people make very good money, and don’t have a penny or pound to show for it, because of self-sabotage, other’s cannot get started with traction out of the gate, when it comes to their finances.

So what IS underearning?

It is a chronic mindset that psychically stems from Poverty consciousness where conflicting thoughts of both having more than sufficient money for a fabulous lifestyle clash with the shame of actually having the money which family, often Belvia reminds me, is the main origin. In many cultures and families, where money and wealth is not free-flowing, it is seen as a dishonour and disloyal trait to “out-earn” those in the family. Chronic under-earning has many root causes some of which tie into co-dependency, not wanting people to use you for money and of course, low self worth. Most people in the world have low self worth. There are many reasons from this, but it is mainly due to your parents.

Seeing as most people’s parent’s are not consciously spiritually clean (or aware), it stands to reason that most of the people on the planet, inherit low self esteem at birth, and this is reinforced as time goes on by the same trigger wounds as we all grow up. Leaving behind low self worth, traditionally caused by neglect and trauma, is one of the hardest things to deal with. When you do not feel you are “worth much” on the inside, since money is energy, this reflects on the outside.

Low self esteem is a very bizarre thing. You never realise you have it, until you have left it behind and when you look back, you’re horrified.

I remember working for minimum wage and the Spirits who mentor me, were so angry I “sold myself” at that price. At the time, I was recovering from negative spirit possession, so I had to explain I was happy to work for that, to get myself back on track. As my own self esteem improved, the old rates I charged looked WRONG to me. Truly, the more a person can charge, the more they need to be confident in delivering a RESULT.

We sadly live in a society that is based on people crying they don’t have money for something, because they do not see VALUE in the correct things. What financial re-caliberation allows you to do, is to charge properly for what you are delivering, and stick in the correct boundaries to receive it. When a person chronically underearns, their financial expectations and boundaries, are extremely poor.

They are afraid to talk about money, because they do not want to be rejected or have the notion re-inforced, that their work is worthless and useless, just how they silently feel about themselves deep down within. This is no judgement to anyone in the world. I have experienced and overcome this successfully and in order to solve an issue, one must be VERY honest with one’s self, about how your esteem forces you to chronically underearn and WHY. People traditionally look at money from a scarcity lens, a lens of “never enough” and possessing extreme shame and guilt towards money.

Money possesses a frequency. If you do not vibrate on that frequency, it is very challenging to attract money itself, let alone hold onto it.

The ruling masters of this world, have made it increasingly harder for the common man/woman to be in possession of money ENERGY, because possessing that and knowledge of it, is possessing POWER itself. So how can you solve this issue, you may be wondering?

There are often two ways. Having your energy body attuned to money frequency by keeping it clean at all times. You can read more about that, right here. The second way, is to truly discover the hidden laws and secrets about money, that you didn’t know, no one taught you and what is actually keeping money from you. This is not anyone’s job to teach you, aside yourself.

This is why I designed Spartanite Pre-Wealth, as a money manifestation done for you, comprehensive audio programme, that assists you in providing structure to bring in BIG money, resetting your wealth chakra dials that may be currently at freezing as well as empower your financial understanding, knowledge and control over money and it’s fluency in the world.

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