What Is Genuine Self Confidence?

There are hoardes and scores of articles, documents, and blogs online that “teach” people how to have Self Confidence, but Self Confidence is something one goes into the world and acquires as a side effect of “living”. In the Garden Variety of living and travelling — I have seen many, many people in my lifetime and few, I can personally attest to have healthy self worth. Self worth isn’t a notion that has been taught to many, especially not by their emotionally and psychologically broken and damaged parents. Add on the layers of cultural shame, trauma, abuse, and neglect—it is quite simple to witness why most people walk around hating themselves.

Self Confidence, is a very fascinating and weight based concept. Self Confidence, in a nutshell; is heavy. It has value to it. It reminds of a 24 Carat Gold necklace being placed on the little scale, to weigh. Everyone has the basic concept of gold being valuable, how much; we often don’t know till we have it appraised and valuated. There are two types of people that genuine Self Confidence is not and majority of the world falls into both categories.

The shy, quiet, barely there individual — it is evident to spot the lack of true self worth in this person, often resulting and stemming from being bullied, shut down, and ostracized. 

The loud, obnoxious idiot (majority of the world) — that think whatever 2 cents of “knowledge” or “wisdom” they possess, is actually something important that mentally sharp people are going to listen to. 

Both of these individuals have the same problem. Lack of true genuine Self Worth. Self worth never needs to shout. It is quietly powerful and Power is always quiet.

For someone who works with energy on a lifetime basis, I often never need to hear someone open their mouth. Their para-linguistic presentation, their gait and their general auric fields, are enough for me to assess where they are on the Confidence scale. With that scale, everything is dictated in your life. Especially, what you are willing to receive from others. People’s sense of Self, is so beyond damaged through collective consciousness PTSD, individual PTSD and other forms of trauma — that it is a waste of time gifting or giving them anything. As an Empath, I naturally adore giving and fortunately have built strong boundaries to restrain the natural desire of just wanting to give it all. I don’t feel the need to any longer and it doesn’t make me any less Spiritually Sensitive. I generally don’t waste my time giving to anyone, unless I know they can RECEIVE in their auric fields. Most people cannot and feel awkward accepting anything, so it’s best not to make both of us uncomfortable by doing so. Once someone rejects a gift I free-flowingly wanting to give them, that’s them crossed off the list for life.

Genuine Self Confidence, is having the ability to critically Self Assess, and also being able to extend true compassion and love towards Oneself, irrespective and despite of whatever is going on in your life. Confidence seeks to uplift, IT DOESN’T BRAG, and it is quiet. Most people are braggy. They have to let the whole world know what they are doing because they desperately seek validation for life. They have none of their own and possess no real purpose for this game we call Life, so people’s adoration, compliments, and flattery – run their mental gamut as motivation to carry out the next task. It’s like the boring example of people who share their whole life on Social Media Platforms. No one cares. The only people who genuinely care, are your frenemies who keep tabs on you to watch you fail and laugh in their glass houses, and those who are envious of you. An individual with a full life, is always private because privacy is a concept the modern human has been stripped off and mentally cannot understand any longer.

Confident people do not tolerate people who overstep their boundaries, and do not tolerate bad behaviour. They don’t tell you about your lack of honourable behaviour, they simply cut your access to them. An insecure individual feels they need to go back and forth and explain to a badly behaved individual WHY and HOW they can change. People change for themselves. Not for your vanities, insecurities, and whatever else. 

Building confidence takes it’s time, however clicking here will lend you a fast track helping hand. 

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