Why Do Money Rituals/Magick Fail ?

This is a fascinating entry that I am called to make, in wake of working with Sorath, Lord Belial and King Clauneck, on a matter that often left me perplexed in my younger days.

Why is it some people can easily engineer all types of life success to them, be it their love life, their finances, their health? And some just struggle, facing one loss after the other?

No where in life, do people struggle most, than when it comes to money. The funny thing is that, unlike matters of the heart, where the ONLY thing that genuinely works is a good ol’ quintessential clean of one’s Self + Divine Timing to meet your match, finances can actually be designed and bent to will. Some of the best Sorcerers and Sorceresses I personally know, do NOT do Love Magick/Rituals, because the heart is a delicate and precious thing. Interfering with free will, can often go wrong. Personally, I do help people in their love lives, and go to the root–so there’s that. However, also true to form, I assess situations with my spiritual court first. I do not perform ANY type of magickal rituals for people who are immature, abusive, petty, and vengeful. I do not mentor irresponsible, unaccountable, and unreliable individuals. Spartanite work merits a certain STANDARD that I am proud to say, the general population will never meet.

So, with that said and as we swiftly proceed, why do money rituals or rather, why does money magick, fail?

Interesting question. Many answers.

In short, the person doesn’t believe it can REALLY happen for them. It doesn’t matter WHAT rituals you do for someone, or they do for Self, if their IDENTITY is steeped as being a poor person, or one who possesses a set “station of life”, you’re going no where. Plain and Simple. Most people in this world CHOOSE to lose and choose to LOSE AT THE GAME OF LIFE. Whilst Spartanite work is practically bulletproof, nothing is ever guaranteed 100% and my work doesn’t work for those who do not work WITH THE MAGICK, THEMSELVES. Most people are sold a dream of wearing their riches on their body, God Forbid they actually just shut up and get on with their life.

Belial and Clauneck, have LONG stressed the importance of winning at life, through something for something, not something for nothing. People often approach me asking how to get started with no money and my answer is always the same. Read this blog. If this blog with all the gems it has, cannot help you–nothing in the world will be able to. Money possesses a certain class and sophistication, the average person does not have the patience and nor do they possess the foresight to see a RITUAL RESULT when it is complete. If you perform a money rite, it doesn’t mean money is going to be dropped out of the sky for you. Most are far too lazy to seize an opportunity when it is presented to them, then cry poverty all their life.

Poverty is a CHOICE. I genuinely don’t care what anyone has to say on this. People who choose to struggle with money, make shitty decisions and NO AMOUNT OF MAGICK is going to fix a shitty mentality. Instead of fixing the leak in the bucket, idiots want to pour more water into it and wonder why their bucket is draining out dry. People of today, are used to a life of laziness, convenience and “offence”. No one cares you’re offended. If you find yourself in a position where nothing, not even Spartanite work, is working — I sincerely advise you to step back and re-think a proper Satisfaction Strategy. I had a woman approach me about making “extra money”, she was FANTASTIC at her profession, and I instantly saw 2 more income streams. All she did was harp on about how “her job never paid her enough”. I offered her an opportunity. She rejected it.

When you convince yourself that you’re a victim, life will hand you those level of beans.

Sorath FORCED me to get out there, forced maggots to come to me, and forced crazy, rude, and downright abusive people to me. Sorath is HARD on me because he loves me enough to work with him and then gets Clauneck to console me afterwards lol. He presents to me very clear pictures of why people, even with the best tools out there, still fail.

It’s not the magick. It’s the person.