Your Mindset vs Your Paradigm : Strategies For Unique Living

There is a tonne of mindset work on the market. 


None of it is unique, elegantly styled, or, done in an revolutionary manner — that elicits much shift in a person’s approach to life, sadly enough.


In fact, so much so that “self-help” is a billion dollar industry. Yogis, coaches, healers, gurus — you name it, and it exists. People are lost in today’s world and need genuine help to assist them in making sense of their life, a GPS, if you will. A few moons back, I wrote the article on LIFE GPS and inspired by that very article itself, I have come to realise how LITTLE mental based work anyone can teach out there in this world. It is always the same rehashed and reheated nonsense we have all heard. It’s monkey see, monkey do.


The moment you possess original independent thinking, you’re considered an alien from Neptune with those big ol’  Spartanite antennae. Well beam us up Scotty, we got an entire system to fly through!


Your mindset is simple. It is the amalgamation of a set beliefs you possess and hold. Beliefs that have often come from YOUR PERSONAL life experience, the experience one experiences through their family of origin/birth and how you have processed what this world.


It comes as no surprise that the majority have not lived and yet oddly enough desire to write manuals on what living in. I am not an Elephant, so I cannot be expected to be given a paintbrush to stuck into my trunk to happily paint, now can I? Yet, this is all we see.


A mindset is relatively simple to shift. With morphic fields and energy work, your mind and resonance can become different quickly. I take all my clients through it and in a few months, they are looking and feeling better. Things begin making more sense, brightening up, and, they have a place to call home. Paradigm shifts, however are a whole different animal. Many people cannot stick the course for these shifts, because they are challenging your VERY CORE. A person can be adaptative at a mental level, accept new ideas openly and yet be very resistant at a PARADIGM level.


A paradigm is a LENS through which you see life itself. It is not “mindset”. Mindset possesses an easily accessible thermostat that can easily be adjusted through a few tweaks. Paradigms are a total LIFE overhaul.


A paradigm is the TOTAL opposite of how enmasse society has programmed your deepest core to respond to a situation.


For instance, where people see lack and the LACK OF something, you’re seeing the glass as half full, ALWAYS. It frustrates and annoys people to see this type of response because people are entrained to be miserable, whining moaners that sit around moaning, firstly in their head to themselves — and secondly to other people. When you can switch that LENS, your life simply becomes effortless. That very LENS is what Spartanite is, a totally different way to see and view even the most mundane of your life! Many paradigm shifts come from a fork in the road when it comes to linguistic mastery (your words create your worlds) as well as the willingness to be open-minded and lay down the big ego most love clinging onto.


Paradigm shifts cause extreme panic and discombobulation in the average person, because you are TOLD from a very young age what homogenized culture expects of you. Deviate from the standard, as I have done, and did — and all hell breaks loose. You challenge a narrative, a culture, a paradigm where THIS IS HOW IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DONE, until you show up as a PIONEER of the paragon of THINKING EXCELLENCE MADE SIMPLE. Many struggle with genuine bold confidence because their paradigm is so STEEPED in arguing over the pettiest and mundane things, that to truly put themselves forward to MASTER this REALITY we see on Planet Earth, becomes impossible.


Mindset work can go deep into the way a person thinks, indeed. However UNTIL you have a guide, a mentor — something to completely OVERHAUL your PARADIGM, no matter how much hypnosis, NLP, subliminals, etc you do, NOTHING WILL STICK. NOTHING. Because the paradigm is the epic motherboard upon which all the circuitry is laid out in perfect order, form, and, fashion. If you are not willing to be the electrician yourself, which admittedly can take months and years, one requires to hire the electrician who understands the main power switches and how to reprogramme them.


Strategies for Unique Living, begin from paradigm shifting. They come from curiosity from all that is walled and blocked off from you, the desire to grow and expand as a person, and think bigger and radically. Thinking bigger allows the mind to stretch consistently. Combine that with accountability to one’s own self, as well as trusted source — a mentor, a guide etc — will shift and transform you into a better height of what you would have normally been at.


You can shoot photos on a camera phone with great pixilation which will do the job. Or you can invest in a DSLR professional camera and teach yourself the craft, eliciting mouth-water picturesque snaps that leave people mesmerized for decades.


Only you can decide what you wish to desire for yourself in the long haul 🙂


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