A Love Sedation With Lady Dutchess Bune

Dutchess Bune, has been one of my favourite old gods and demonness to have chit chats with at my specially created altar. Bune is traditionally hailed as THE Dutchess of Money and yet as considering her as my sister, she has taught me many things simply from observation. A section that she covers heavily is Seduction and Sexual Charm. The Dutchess doesn’t reveal this side to most, most summon her for money — she brings them some and then it dwindles down because they want to use her for money and not maintain a proper relationship with her.

She appears to me in a Green dress, with deep delicious dark Arabian eyes, the scent of Rose Parfum (not perfume; parfum itself) and an incredibly seductive charming voice. I took the liberty to channel some of her thoughts about women and create a Love Sedation post about it

*Lights Sandalwood incense and chants Bune’s enn* — WEL MELAN AVASH BUNE TASA

Me : “Greetings Dutchess Bune…”

Bune : “Hello Sweetie, it is nice to see you, see you at my altar and see you enjoy yourself.”

I see Dutchess step forward to kiss me on both cheeks and hug me. There is a way that the Old Gods are WAY past human emotion and have the deep understanding of how we work. We greet and I hug her back. I can smell her Parfum and she giggles. I feel elated and a bit teary that she is happy to chat with me so openly. I love you Dutchess Bune <3

Me : "Dutchess! So excited to chat with you. I wanted to ask about Seduction and Womanly Arts, can you scan my thoughtforms and answer my questions please?"

Bune : "My darling Nadia, of course. The women who are needy and clingy, are always used by a man. In a man’s eyes, most women are too emotional and this is conveyed through neediness, and being clingy and monopolizing his time. In today’s age, little and few women value and revere themselves and henceforth most men find women boring.”

Me : “By boring, what exactly do you mean?”

Bune : ” It’s two fold. Foul mannered, swears openly in public, loud-mouthed, wants to fight, discusses her sexual advents on pay to play platforms (social media, she means here) and is proud to be associated with the term bitch. The typical Feminist of today. The type of men that go after these embarrassments of a woman, are feminine men who love mind games and drama. Secondly, women who have no charm, or magnetism. The aforementioned woman looks like mould on bread anyway, but there is a worse type. Women who retain no feminine mystery of charm. Everyone knows everything about their whole life, and not in any inspirational way. 95% of married women, are cheated on for a combination of these two reasons.”

Me : “95% you say? That’s an eyewatering number, Dutchess. Why are so many men straying, do they get married to cheat?”

Bune : “Absolutely not. But the women become needy and boring over time. Sweetheart, we both know the type of fools who come to you and state they don’t wish to “play games”. Men are hunters and WILL play the game whether you like it or not. It’s probably best for a lady to maintain a calm, gentle, and kind spirit and yet in the same sentence; possess the blood of a Lioness. A man seeks material gain to impress a lady, start behaving impressed. Men these days know that the average woman is a cheap slut who is disposable, dirty, and filthy. It takes great work on one’s self to create a life where a woman can be feminine and still sexually excite a man. Mystery hits both targets…oooh ;)”

“I am a Demoness and a Dutchess and most women make me very ashamed to be a woman, myself. They have become a walking shame on the few women who have grace, manners, class, and integrity. Darling, finishing schools exist for a reason. In High society, one must possess elegant charm and men’s radars are sharper than ever, that in a sea of cheap, trashy, desperate women — a lady stands out head and shoulders apart.”

Me : “What is mystery from a woman’s side? What keeps a man engaged would you say?”

Bune : The Tri-Factor, sweetie. He cannot control you, He cannot predict you, He cannot get an emotional rise out of you — as much as he tries. Most women are easily riled up, easily angered, and easily reduced to tears. Men smile because; here is another idiot they can use for money, sex, attention, an ego boost–you name it, and it’s there. Women with charm and control over one’s self, see life as a big chessboard. They play to a man’s strength by having the genuine understanding of a man’s innate nature. Men do not love like us women and they are interesting beings. Men adore discovering the layered mysteries of a woman and having to work out what is going on with you. Once upon a time, a woman, a femme — was a mystery. She had manners, etiquette, and lady like charm. Men respect boundaries more than they will care to admit. They know when they have misbehaved with you and disrespected you. Their test is to see how much you disrespect yourself, by acquiescing to them. I enjoyed designing our projects together!” (She is referring to the Emerald Feminine Radiance Bracelet and Spartanite Love Healing)

Me : “Dutchess, why are women these days so needy?”

Bune : Nadia, you don’t like these women because their need of approval from useless men, who are not fit to be deemed a man, is so high—they block their own throat chakra. This is like saying “What if I tell a joke and no one laughs?”. It is pathetic. And that is how most men see most women. Pathetic and irrelevant. But let me tell you how it benefits the agenda of men who are already predatory in nature, especially when it comes to money and sex. Men see a nice woman as a pushover. Men have to impress a Spartanite because Spartanites are not boorish or low-class in nature. Spartanites do not run after a man, nor do they care about low-class trashy men who do not have manners to speak with them and approach them with ill intentions. Fools don’t approach Spartanites. Trash doesn’t associate with Royalty :)”

Me : Do you have any remarks on Seduction?

Bune : Well…sweetheart, women who are naturally charming, are always going to be seductive. Most women have been engineered to be masculine in nature. Masculine women don’t know how to seduce HA HA HA — they are too busy finding weak men to boss, control, and dominate. Seduction involves mystery. Most women of today are crass, need to tell people how many sexual partners they have, how many times they got themselves off, how they did it — cheap, basically. On the opposing side, boring women are women who do not take the time to be sensually acclaimed into their own body, smooth, silky, sweeping movements of a fragrance, soft fabrics like cashmere and silk and creating a sensuous, emotionally rich conversation. They are not well put together, and they do not care about personal appearances. Women will become angry reading my channel thinking they can look like a sack of potatoes and men will be interested in them. No they will not. Men are visual and very turned on by what they cannot see, presented in an aura of charm, and mystery. Darling, that is Feminine seduction <3"

Me : “I understand that Dutchess. What can you recommend if a woman wants to increase her Feminine Charm in this area?”

Bune : “I would recommend the Feminine Radiance Bracelet & Sexual Magnetism Bracelet. It will influence the mannerisms of natural seduction within a woman. A seductress does not need men, they need her. She adds sparkle to their life through magnetism…”

Me : “Thank you for all your insight <3"

I saw Bune blow two kisses at me, and drop the channel. It made me think of a lot of things that Bune had said, and how accurate they were. I am always excited to evoke those within the Goetic for their uncanny ability to always speak the Truth to those who are willing to listen.

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