What Modelling Taught Me About Self Empowerment

As per a client request, I pen this post to share some of my insights as a former fashion model and in the hopes of explaining and highlighting what I myself learned from it, and what people can – in turn.   Modelling is an interesting industry. It is literally everything people hear about, glamour, […]

To Be a Spartanite Demoness and Live Bold – THE DOMINA LILITH

“To be a Spartanite Demoness, – a woman of her own category and league, is an acquired taste of blood. First, you are hated for having that type of personality and closely second, DEEPLY detested for having it in a woman’s body by society who ONLY knows a woman to be a meek quiet little […]

Your Life Is Your Belief System

Spiritual Mentor

“Your belief system is your WHOLE LIFE. Most people only believe their sheer unworthiness, but I, Spartanite – will embolden you to reach ALL your dreams. Even the ones you laugh yourself out of due to the masses telling you that you couldn’t do it. Give me your hand, be willing – and you will […]

An Open Letter : How To Finally Break Free Of The Cage You’re In

Cages are a funny thing.   Few notice they are trapped in one.¬†   As humans, we are so used to a cushy life, perhaps a comfortable hell we have endured that we have come to discover that auditioning for love, performing for a mediocre sub-standard garbage response from the walking dead, is how to […]

Your Mindset vs Your Paradigm : Strategies For Unique Living

There is a tonne of mindset work on the market.¬†   None of it is unique, elegantly styled, or, done in an revolutionary manner — that elicits much shift in a person’s approach to life, sadly enough.   In fact, so much so that “self-help” is a billion dollar industry. Yogis, coaches, healers, gurus — […]