“Getting Clients” Vs Giving Value To People

London, is again sweltering with heat and here I am, laptop in tow–with my little salt lamp on, in a room full of darkness.

Just the way I like it.

I opened an e-mail not too long go about “how to get clients”. Out of curiosity, I decided to open the e-mail, only to be bored to tears about what the woman was writing. All the modern and common woman of today, strangely enough, wants to do is boast about her career achievement. This is the DISEASED FRUIT OF FEMINISM, where women have no feminine homemaking skills remaining, because most Western Women see feminine energy as “weak”. I digress. It was the same boring shit about some “sales strategy” of how to “GET CLIENTS”, the word “GET”, IS SELFISH –IN BUSINESS. Plain and Simple.

Getting clients, is even worse than acquiring clients. I believe acquisition of a client to work with, is the life blood of a business. And this acquisition pertains to how much VALUE, said person sees in your work, before they open their wallet. I am proud to say I have never pressured anyone into a sale, I don’t worry about when people say “people sell you their excuses”. Life isn’t a race. I most certainly will not have Spartanite collapse overnight, if one person decides they didn’t want to buy from our brand. If they do not feel alignment with our products and services, it is their right to say no and for us to honour that. Too many business owners, are so hungry and desperate for sales that they put profits over people, which is the wrong and incorrect way to do business.

THE MAJORITY OF BUSINESS, IS SELFISH AND NOT VALUE DRIVEN. . It is simply pushing and shoving products and services on people who aren’t even sure about you, who you are, what your MANIFESTO is, and they should pay you specifically. It is important to provide true lasting value to a person’s life, so that indeed sales, and profits are easier as you are now in ALIGNMENT with each other. All Spiritual Business, is based on alignment of a set of values that 2 or more people, commonly share. I often cringe when people ask me about business and sales strategies, because I have absolutely none. I am led by my Spiritual Court every day to make decisions that add to my client’s lives, my team and our wonderful Spartanite global brand. Nothing is contrived, scripted, or salesy. I have made LIFE LONG friends through some of my clients who have come to Spartanite and I am remarkably honoured by that. There is no such thing as B2B businesses, or whatever. There is only human to human and the BETTER you know someone, the more you can judge if whatever they wish to buy, is actually right for them or not.

I have tonnes of books at home teaching people how to get clients, but NONE on how to provide VALUE. Most people’s Satisfaction Strategy, is boring, cold and linear. I had one of my team members ask me “Why did you hire me?” and I replied “you’re not boring”. I couldn’t have gone on and on, but most people really have nothing FRESH, NEW OR EXCITING to add to the table. I had no interest to hire boring people to contribute to our brand, whatsoever. If you run a business, and you’re thinking of running one—PROVIDE THE MOST AMOUNT OF LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL VALUE TO OTHERS FIRST. Truly put other’s FIRST and you will watch your brand being able to do the absolute most for people.

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