How To Contact Clauneck — What To Expect For Results

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life.

Clauneck has been my Spirit business/career counsellor for a while, and sometimes I forget just how strong his impact can be. Around a while back, I excitedly showered, prepared my room, lit incense and sprayed perfume to summon him. Clauneck and I, had a full 10 min chat that I recorded on my phone, I could literally hear my intonation change and become more rough, forceful and with masculine dominance in his answers as my voice stayed the same for the questions.

Now, you may be wondering HOW to summon/contact Clauneck.

There are so many articles online about how to chat with CK and how to summon him and what not. Personally, I find chanting his enn 3 times in the East direction, PLUS his invocation (contact me if interested to know more on it) will bring him forth. Spirit influence is just that. He will ensure that something is “different” knowing that he is there in the room with you, and has arrived. I often feel extreme sensations of prickly heat when he enters the room and its a slow burn. Whilst my summon was fun with him and I got some grand answers—he obviously had a different agenda in mind.

As soon as I closed the channel, I was EXHAUSTED. I ate so much, I worried myself. 2 days later, I was flat in bed with Laryngitis, fever and a headache that just wouldn’t quit. Clauneck knew that the current schedule that I was operating on, wasn’t healthy for me, so he decided so graciously to shut off my voice and stick me in bed. When I asked him for Business Guidance, I didn’t quite have life threatening illness in mind–but that’s what you get for working with the Goetia. It is probably why they are demonized (pun intended!) so much, because Clauneck wouldn’t just bring you money, he would bring you the MINDSET that is going to hold the money and spirits often have to rip things away from us to bring in more that we deserved.

Most people summon CK for money, or to bring money or what not–but what I found most interesting about Clauneck, is the fact that he will rearrange things in your favour and often crash most of them out to the ground, before better things build up for you. He is a tremendously POWERFUL masculine being to work with, and his command over the finance/commerical domains will tell you exactly where you are going wrong. The Goetic beings expect you to be a sensible and level headed, mature individual before you summon them, because the energy they bring is SO RAW—it can cause permanent insanity to someone who is not prepared.

When you contact Clauneck, remember that you MUST prepare for shocked or hurt feelings.

My feelings weren’t hurt this time round by my body and my health, WAS. He took drastic measures to pull me out of a very unhealthy situation and stick me on the right track again. You can discover more of his work and mentorship guidance in a few of my blog posts here and here as well. 

For more information on how to have Clauneck answer YOUR pressing wealth/financial questions, you can visit this link and submit your queries.

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