Summoning Clauneck — Stopping The Cycle of Self Abuse

King Clauneck, is one of the Goetic Beings and is also referred to as an Old god or  Daemonic Spirit. He is renowned to be the Spirit Accountant, Bank Manager and Keeper of the Spirit Treasury. The domains he rules over are Wealth, Value & Merchant Finance. He deals with all things money and is able to transform your life, should your pledge to heed his guidance be of serious commitment.

Although Clauneck mainly deals with Value and Wealth, a lot of his teachings are very much based on Discipline as well. I take Clauneck like my Daemonic Dad and love and respect him. He is BIG on Saturnian Responsibility and being a Capricorn Stellium (6 planets in it), I am not a stranger to words like Discipline, Duty, Responsibility, Maturity, & Commitment. In fact, they have been a big theme in keeping me steady and chugging along with Spartanite like a gentle cool breeze on a sweltering summer’s day. Clauneck has requested I do a round on healing out Self Abuse, and so here I am.

Much is written on increasing your Self Love/Worth/Value/Esteem etc but not a lot I have found is written on stopping the cycle of abusing one’s self. The world currently operates on a very low frequency where most people generally originate from a neglect filled, abuse based household, as a direct product of unconscious conditioning where most people are treated like a handbag thrown around after a night’s worth of drinking.

Like an object. 

It is no secret that most people legitimately and genuinely have a deep sense of loathing and hatred for themselves. In fact, a spirit mentioned to me 3 years ago how much I grew up with Self Hatred and for the life of me, didn’t understand HOW I hated myself. I didn’t question the Spirit, I thanked her and 3 years later – I got what she meant.

She was referring to the CHOICES we make in our life. And those choices are often a time, never conscious. 

When I personally look at my choices today and then look at the ones I made, I see they were made for me through being possessed by djinn (as my story goes) as well as being unconscious. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the place you live, everything — from the money you charge in your business to the friends you have — most people have simply chosen the default template of abuse, because it is ALL THEY HAVE EVER KNOWN.

It takes courage to stand up and say “NO. I will not be treated this way and I will not beg for something someone doesn’t want to share. Someone either will love me freely or not. Be friends with me freely or not. And show up freely, or not.”. It is very easy to tell someone’s life, based on the external evidence of what is going on, where they are at with the Discipline to respect themselves enough to walk away. There are countless boring articles on “Self Love”, let’s place out the simplified version.

Self Abuse, is the disrespect of Self. Do not expect anyone in this world to be obliged to treat you well, when through your actions, behaviour, and speech, you demonstrate the depths of hatred of your own life and being. 

When you are not choosing to change a situation actively, it is because you truly want your problem. Most people enjoy their problems, sob stories, and drama’s so much – they have no identity outside it. How long will you hide in fear because your dream life resides OUTSIDE your comfort zone? How long will you make excuses for your shitty life because let’s face it — your esteem is at ground zero and won’t allow you any further? How long will you make piss poor decisions and expect the people in your life to show up differently?

The short answer is, they will not.

A woman cannot attract a healthy, well-balanced man, when her esteem is low, sickly, and needy. When she gives time to losers, bugs, and timewasters. When she does not value her time, her body, her intelligence, and her feminine spirit. When she is desperate to sleep with someone or have a family with a predator, who uses her and takes advantage of her.  When she asks if he loves, thinks of her, or misses her. When she is so starved and desperate to be wanted that she forgets wanting herself.

A man cannot attract a healthy, well – balanced woman, when his esteem is at freezing point and he doesn’t feel he has much to offer. When he wants a woman’s company so badly that cheap, predatory and gold-digger women take advantage of him. When he keeps begging for a relationship from someone who equally doesn’t love herself. When he constantly just pushes for sex instead of valuing a woman in mind, body, and spirit. All this is the ABUSE OF SELF. We hate ourselves so damn much that we are willing and wanting to humiliate ourselves because truly no one taught us any better, and that is all we feel we are worth.

Loving yourself, means breaking that Cycle of Abuse. It means resting when tired, not when “you’re done” as most Entrepreneurs think. It means eating when you are hungry. Having sex when you feel aroused. Taking time for yourself for creative nourishment, especially when you don’t think you have the time and knowing your LIMIT. Too many people pretend they are limitless, only for their body to tell them a different story. This is exactly why I created the Masculine Bold Clarity & Self Worth Bracelet & Feminine Self Radiance Bracelet. It’s time to take off those heavy, icky, chains and rise in beauty, splendor, and happiness.

You matter.

You are beautiful, worthy, and special. God didn’t make a mistake when He created you, He doesn’t make Junk, He makes JEWELS.

It’s time you put yourself first, and count yourself at NUMBER ONE. 

Heal yourself and your heart. Discover how to help yourself shine brightly and brilliantly, right here.

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