Enchantment and Feeling Complete In Your Womanhood

Modern society, is rather odd. Women are told to be lithe, athletic, thin and skinny. We are told this is where our “power” originates from. The sad thing is that the Fashion industry (run by gay men)–feels the jurisdiction to start telling women that “skinny will make you happy”. This isn’t a dig at skinny […]

Pain or Pleasure? The BDSM of Business

As I sat down to write this post, I thought about all the work that I do, and I had a flash of a woman tied up enjoying herself with her man—and the vision immediately disappeared before I could tune in to what it was. Considering I am shown different things by Belvia, all day […]

Keeping Your Mind Strong In Low Frequency Situations & People

With the blessings of Belvia– my Chief Spirit Guide Spartanite and Lady Rashoon, will I scribe this piece. As Above, So Below As Within, So Without NAH KA YORD HAY VARY HAY TARAN RASHOON NANAY I was sitting and doing some work earlier in the week, when Lady Rashoon spoke with me, and asked me […]

Balancing Your Life As A Highly Sensitive/Psychic Empath Woman

Many women who are psychically/spiritually sensitive, do not know how to balance themselves. You may be one of those women (or perhaps a man..) reading this! 🙂 As a psychic Empath (a spiritually sensitive person who feels people’s moods, feelings, emotions, thoughts –but not only of people, of places, situations and circumstances), you have to […]

Money & Sex Have The Same Root

So many women suffer from untold shame of both sex and money. There are so many reasons for this, including religion, cultural and traditional. In ancient times, sacred prostitution was seen as a pure form of Sex Magick. Priestesses used to serve in a temple and men had the privilege of sleeping with them, to […]

Red Lust Sex & Money Magick

I have dedicated MANY and MANY of my workings to the power of Sex and Money. However this article, is slightly different. I find that I want to touch in the power of the Root Chakra and Menstruation, things that women often struggle with so badly. Red Lust Magick, is a continuum of my first […]

The Connection of Dark Feminine Energy and Sexy Money Flow

Oooh. Sexy Money Flow. Yummy 😉 As Spartanite deeply addresses healthy money flow, better sex and Goddess empowerment, lots of women often hold back their voice because apparently voicing your truth, is “masculine”. This alone, could not be further from the truth. Feminine GODDESS Empowerment, is strong, sexy, FEMININE and filled with orgasmic creative joy, […]

What Exactly Is The Dark Feminine?

Well, so many people have written so many interesting things about what the dark Feminine actually is, there is no real understanding of what this woman is supposed to be or what she has become. A DF woman can have a wonderfully wicked (pun intended) sense of humour which balances her Light Feminine side out, […]

Increase Your Sexual Energy To Receive Money

Attending an event 2 years ago, I challenged myself to spot the connection between Sexual Energy and Money, even though now I look back, it was at a very unconscious level. The lady presenting the event is a VERY wealthy and successful woman and psychically when I read her aura, very lusty as well. Now, […]