The Dark Feminine Pursuit Of Power

As where there is Yin, there is Yang. And where there is Light, there is Dark. Spartanite work is Dark. It is the light portions of Darkness, as being a voidwalker myself and following both the LHP and the RHP, we combine both to empower you. Which brings me to the exploration of the Dark […]

How To Be Sexually Empowered Featuring Duchess Bune

Dutchess Bune — Feminine Spirit of Money, Femininity, and Seduction. The Duchess (as I call her often), is very much an Aristocratic spirit in the Daemonic Hierarchy, and appears to me as a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL lady of Arabian Descent with a green top (or dress?), deep kohl lined eyes and seductive rose perfume. Most people mistake Pornography […]

Feeling the FEAR When Overcoming Major Life Blocks

It’s been a crazy past week for me and I have barely got any sleep, slamming doing so much work. Belvia pushed me to pen this wonderful blog which is required so much for people who are elevating on this journey and GOING PLACES. JUST BEFORE you are going to land a massive break in […]

An Ode on Living Bold, Unapologetically & With Zero Fucks Given

Living Bold and Unapologetic, isn’t for the timid masses. The masses who by CHOICE, choose to be enslaved in their mental patterns, trains of thought and subjugated behaviour that spans their entire lifetime. Living Bold, isn’t for faint hearted people who prefer to hide behind their shadows, living a quiet life of desperation. When a […]

How To : True Acceptance of Self In The Dark Feminine

As we move forward, to the end of the year — I have seen many women have massive changes in their lives. Including myself. Things that I thought I had rigid boundaries on, are actually quite yielding and flexible, as I came to discover and work with my own Dark Feminine as well as teaching […]

How To Handle Intense Plutonian Energy Without Scaring Others

Plutonian Energy, is felt and rarely talked about. For years upon years, I magnetized and executed some of the most INTENSE chaos, drama and scandals known to a woman of my background and age. Sometimes, I used to think I was plain fucked up, other days not so bad. I used to feel like walking […]

Discovering How To Be “Still” In The Dark Feminine Paradigm

This flash of inspiration came to me, suddenly, immediately and instantaneously. I was told to share this with my fellow Spartanites and women who walk the Dark Feminine Path, right away. I was finishing up a piece of work and Belvia (my spirit guide) was making notes from Lady Rashoon, the Chief Spirit of Femininity. […]

The Feminine Descent Into The Underworld Fire With Goddess Innana

Goddess Innana (may she be blessed richly), has always mentored and shared with me, some very wise wisdom over the years of having a tutelage and protege relationship with her. At 20, I summoned her aptly with her Fire Oil and a sigil written in tongues as I descended into trance, in a spare bedroom […]

Spartanite Pink Diamond Winter Solstice Reflections + Prep for 2018

Happy Winter Solstice and Capricorn season! Tomorrow, is Christmas and this has been a very remarkable and productive year for many of those who have switched timelines. It has been a joy and blessing to deeply hibernate and rest a fair bit, in order to plan for a grand 2018. I woke up this morning, […]