Maintaining & Expanding Prosperity Consciousness In Strange Times

Disclaimer : Ramadan Moubarek to all those celebrating — may your intentions, IMAN, & willpower, for the blessed month, be elevated and expanded <3   It comes as no surprise that many people are struggling with a specific lens at present, and that lens is of lack consciousness.   Part of teaching Occult Money, is […]

Why Financial Struggle Means Success

Financial Struggle is something that every person who choose a path outside of the Matrix will face. There is Natural Law, that when you are Spiritual, you learn to follow and with that comes the struggle of not plugging yourself in the system. When I, as a Spartanite, fell on hard times—being without decent cashINflow, […]

How Alchemy Is Used In Creating Money

A lot of people wonder how they can connect Alchemy to Money. After all, isn’t alchemical science studying about mutable forms in terms of what can be found deep in the Earth, not to mention Astrological aspects that will assist you to understand seasons, planets and people much better? And yet, so many women struggle […]