Vigilante Justice + Karmic Retribution : The Spartanite Way

Every Spartanite knows that JUSTICE, is important and served in very little measures in this current world. This was inspired by a Spartanite I know, we spoke on this –and so thank you V.C, for this 🙂

In most places that I personally see, every one is on the Love and Light bullshit. Ever since I was a kid, if someone fucked with me, you were having it back, no questions asked. When I was younger, I slapped one of the girls at school because she bumped into me, trying to start a fight, and she hated me, pulled her hair out and made her bleed. I am proud for defending myself where most girls would just stand and cry. She was a bully and she had hurt a lot of kids at school, so when she threw a Tippex bottle at my head in French class, I dodged it, picked the bottle up, unscrewed it and made sure that mess landed square in her face.

She never looked at me funny, let alone try anything dumb ever again. 

Forgiveness is a concept that I have just about ONLY tried to understand. The internet is full of garbage about “how to forgive” and what not. I think Forgiveness is GOOD, and ONLY if and when you really feel ready for it. If ever. I come from a life where I had everything stolen, taken away from me, my father was murdered in a brutal manner, I went through extreme trauma and abuse and there was no way that I was “forgiving” anyone who destroyed me completely. No chance. I am an Occultist. That person would feel what they made ME feel, and I would add interest to that. I am not one of those “nice, sweet” women who takes more and more abuse because I will turn the other cheek. I will formulate that cheek for a horrid, evil person and douse that in petrol and set it on fire when the time calls for it. Because of this very reason, I now have a LIFE of my own choosing, because I had the courage to break free from the chains of my abusers, chains of losers, predators, and low frequency people who unapologetically came for me and my energy. I encourage YOU reading this to do so as well. Either defend yourself, or get ready to get fucked by people who will eat you alive.

Most Spartanites HIDE, because we have PLUTONIAN energy. Pluto is the planet of Death. I, personally left employment for an Occult reason that I don’t often discuss, but I will today. I feared I’d murder someone on the job when someone tried to come for me or bully me. I don’t try and take high roads or the moral high ground. Plutonian blood runs through me, and I am not afraid of blood, in any manner. True to my Occult nature, as an Occultist, magick lends me and other Spartanites POWER, not to end up in prison after we see Mario the Janitor try to rape Priscilla the girl from Accounts, for the 3rd time. Most turn a blind eye, if Mario came in my line of sight, he would be lucky if my Spirits let him walk straight after they are done with him. There are many Marios’s and Priscilla’s — in different countries, continents, families, work places, and even relationships. This is an example.

Spartanites globally, have been made to feel that vengeance is petty. Let someone destroy your whole entire life without comprehension and remorse, and you come back to me, on that one. If you EVER feel guilty about hurting someone who HURTS OTHERS, a word of advice.


Don’t feel guilty for delivering the Divine Justice that the corrupt legal systems of the Cabal, have failed. There are too many evil people walking this Earth, because good people are silent about their filth and sickness. 

From time to time, predators from my past, still find it appeasable to contact me and they are met with a STONY silence. That is the FIRST boundary to put up. I address this article, mainly to women — however men reading this, can easily and of course, glean their 2 cents from it for their own life. Never give someone a second chance to shit on you. I have maintained this stance for as long as I have lived and had comprehension when I was younger and all true Spartanites, hide this part of themselves, but I refuse to any more. Let predators, losers, and timewasters, be someone else’s problem and not yours. Once someone is cut, KEEP THEM CUT. You are far too valuable to put up with mind games and heart fucks. I once said to my client after I did a Road Opener Ritual for her, and someone had stuck extreme sorcery on her. “I am taking this off for you now, let whomever it is come for you again, they have me to deal with”. Sure enough, they did. (of course).

That situation ended well, on our behalf — me and my client. I take my client’s wellbeing very seriously and I am ferocious about their protection. Don’t play with people. When they come for you, and come they will — give ’em something to remember.

If there is a part of you that is STILL hesitant on delivering Justice, let me leave you with a small scenario.

A lion doesn’t care if you are a Vegetarian. HE WILL EAT YOU. 

We live in a world of Fang and Claw. Be Strong. Be Well. Your LIFE is counting on you, and you inspire people looking at you, without knowing. Don’t be a shit taker. Being Kind and understanding, doesn’t mean you need to put up with someone’s bullshit. It is one of the reasons I created the Radiance Bracelet, it helps you shine and also create very strong boundaries with people.

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