2023 – The Year of The Money Hot Wiring Edition

“With each year comes a different energy. Learn the energetics behind it all and one always goes prepared” – ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE Happy New Year! 🙂 It is my first post of the year where I haven’t felt half dozed off or sleepy (or crazy). I have slept so much, I have felt […]

Your Life Is Your Belief System

“Your belief system is your WHOLE LIFE. Most people only believe their sheer unworthiness, but I, Spartanite – will embolden you to reach ALL your dreams. Even the ones you laugh yourself out of due to the masses telling you that you couldn’t do it. Give me your hand, be willing – and you will […]

Duchess Bune + Creating A Throne For Yourself

“You didn’t come for a coffee and a chat, Nadia. You came to us because you were desperate….BUT we helped you.” – Duchess Bune to Me – many times over about my destiny and life path of Spartanite.   I have many segments on Her Royal Highness, (Lady) Duchess Bune, 26th Spirit of the Goetia […]

How To Navigate Life When You Feel “Lost” Feat. KING BELIAL

“Feeling like a lost cause is normal in periods of IMMENSE transformation, change, and, destiny facelifts. We are only comfortable when we have complete control over our surroundings. This is why most fear Success. Success requires DISCOMFORT” – ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE.   Often a time, people have come to me and expect me […]

Words Become Worlds – Your Focal Point Of Existence

“The linguistics of what you MEAN to say however what your mind was trained to believe, creates a fork in the road. People get stuck in plateaus at the fork in speech and cognitive training” – King Belial encompassing what BLACK LABEL MENTORING, IS.   One of the most challenging smorgasbord of events, is your […]

Using Your Survival Mentality + Mental Dexterity For Wild Success

“The biggest risk in life, is NOT to take a risk. When I entered the Qlippoth as a trained sorceress, or as some call THE QLIFA, it gave me immunity, cunning, and, protection – something I desperately needed in a world where I was left alone to navigate safety. You don’t know what you’re made […]

To Be a Spartanite Demoness and Live Bold – THE DOMINA LILITH

“To be a Spartanite Demoness, – a woman of her own category and league, is an acquired taste of blood. First, you are hated for having that type of personality and closely second, DEEPLY detested for having it in a woman’s body by society who ONLY knows a woman to be a meek quiet little […]

Finding The Courage To Be Yourself + Create Success as an Original

“KT, people don’t care half as much as you think they do. What’s the worst they will think of you if you openly practice your work the way I do? That you’re evil, that you’re not worth their time, that you do “weird shit”, that you hurt people, that you hex and curse and whatever […]

Loss Only Matters When It’s Mental

“You can lose your entire life the way I did and still be where I am because loss is a MENTAL process. Indeed somethings can never be begotten due to their finality, however I promise most is. What has gone, is not nearly as half important as your great life ahead. Giddy up – its […]

Goddess Sekhmet & The Upcoming State Of Global Affairs

“Take it! IT IS YOURS! You did not come here to just smile and be polite. Leave that for your photos. TAKE IT.   I WANT TO SEE WHO STOPS YOU TONIGHT when I am with you. Life is not about permission. And if someone tries to take your right away from you, be it […]