Belial + Finding The Courage To Stand Up For Yourself

“I don’t acknowledge the work. The work just gets done. Who looks at the price tag when they really want it?” – King Belial   In my workings with the Court, Belial’s insights have provided me some incredibly interesting ways to look at life and reconsider what the human race is taught. Especially, when it […]

Sitri & Finding True Love In Your Life

“What is life without love? Empty, dark, and, desolate. Love gives us meaning, purpose, and, joy. It fills up all the spaces of sadness, loneliness, and, a void only Love touches. All we can ever hope for, is something true, meaningful, and, honest. Someone who makes us feel special after a long day, someone who […]

What Modelling Taught Me About Self Empowerment

As per a client request, I pen this post to share some of my insights as a former fashion model and in the hopes of explaining and highlighting what I myself learned from it, and what people can – in turn.   Modelling is an interesting industry. It is literally everything people hear about, glamour, […]

How To Overcome Self Doubt + Impostor Syndrome

“Life simply responds to your confidence levels. Discover security in your self, and you will find what used to bother you is a vapid void of nothingness” – ME, NADIA ARAIN – THE SPARTANITE   A large chunk of doing confidence and empowerment work, be it in magickal rituals for people to shift their inner […]

To Be a Spartanite Demoness and Live Bold – THE DOMINA LILITH

“To be a Spartanite Demoness, – a woman of her own category and league, is an acquired taste of blood. First, you are hated for having that type of personality and closely second, DEEPLY detested for having it in a woman’s body by society who ONLY knows a woman to be a meek quiet little […]

Using Your Survival Mentality + Mental Dexterity For Wild Success

“The biggest risk in life, is NOT to take a risk. When I entered the Qlippoth as a trained sorceress, or as some call THE QLIFA, it gave me immunity, cunning, and, protection – something I desperately needed in a world where I was left alone to navigate safety. You don’t know what you’re made […]

Words Become Worlds – Your Focal Point Of Existence

“The linguistics of what you MEAN to say however what your mind was trained to believe, creates a fork in the road. People get stuck in plateaus at the fork in speech and cognitive training” – King Belial encompassing what BLACK LABEL MENTORING, IS.   One of the most challenging smorgasbord of events, is your […]

Your Life Is Your Belief System

Spiritual Mentor

“Your belief system is your WHOLE LIFE. Most people only believe their sheer unworthiness, but I, Spartanite – will embolden you to reach ALL your dreams. Even the ones you laugh yourself out of due to the masses telling you that you couldn’t do it. Give me your hand, be willing – and you will […]

Don’t make ASSUMPTIONS about your clients

Clients.   Clients and treating them well, and, respectfully — is the lifeblood of any business.   Yes, you will always have difficult people, just don’t work with them any longer. Being respectful, does not mean tolerating snarky, bad behaviour, a lack of tact, a lack of manners, and, an overall financial headache.   Today, […]

Channeling Bune — Sex Dolls & The Destruction of The Healthy Feminine

Duchess Bune and I, have had some interesting chats in this psychotic year and one of them came as a surprise to me.¬†   Bune is HRH, and the 26th Spirit of the Goetia, very well known for her aristocratic flair, beauty, wisdom, and, command over money, marketing, and, of course; necromancy.¬†   It was […]