Making Healthy Life Decisions Through Emotional & Mental Maturity

Your life is the sum of the questions you ask, and the decisions you take.   Maturity is a trait that most people lack, to be candid. When many people wonder why their lives are such a mess, it is because they have no more than a 12 year olds mentality of dealing with life. […]


I was hoping I would never need to write this on my blog, not now, and not ever.    Sometimes having spiritual senses and sight, is the biggest curse of a person’s life. In this instance, it surely was. This was the one time I remember thinking “I just don’t want to feel anymore. I […]

How To Embrace Your Inner Weird : The Aquarius Nation Revelations of Authenticity

I AM AN AQUARIAN WOMAN, AND I BELONG TO THE SPARTANITE AQUARIUS NATION THAT I CREATED, AND, GAVE BIRTH TO.      Spartanite is a result of all my electric, eclectic, weird, bizarre, strange, yet brilliant thoughts 🙂     In a world where people are desperate to be relevant by being fake, shallow, materialistic, […]


In case no one seems to have figured it out, Men are under attack on every part of this planet.   No where more, than in the West. Every time I step out of the house, I see men looking increasingly feminine and girly to the point, it becomes physically repulsive and truly disgusting. I […]

Religion, Spirituality & Carving a Path For YOURSELF In This World

People often mistake Religion for Spirituality, and Spirituality for Religion.    Religion is fundamentally BASED on Spirituality, but with rules that have been pushed, pulled –and morphed over time. And with a good dash of mind control, equally added to the pan. I have respect for all faiths across the Grand Chessboard of Life, including […]

What Is The Primordial Dark Divine Feminine For A Man?

Descend down a flight of Stairs.    Stairs that speak quiet musings of hushed Liasons, stairs that keep many secrets. Stairs carved of rock, leading a courageous man into the Abyss. Stairs illuminated with small candle lanterns, leading the way. The Abyss. The Divine. Enter the Dark Divine Feminine. She is here to welcome you. […]

How To Increase Your Psychic Abilities

It should come as no surprise that every single person, is born with psychic gifts.   Babies are in their natural, pure state and from birth right till around 7 years old, a child has access to the Spirit realm which is why kids often speak about “imaginary friends”. They aren’t imaginary, they are very […]