The Online Cluster B Dark Triad – Porn, Social Media, Dating Apps

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“Perhaps if people just knew what these screens have turned them into, they’d care. …ah but they wouldn’t. There is little cure for apathy, mind control, and, numbness” – Me, Nadia Arain, The Spartanite Herself.  This is a post I have wanted to make for a while, it is a replica of the video I […]

How To Be A Happy Healthy Human Being

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Sometimes, sitting down to scribe a blog for the general public – is a challenge for me. Not because I do not have anything to say, rather the grief of what TO say – in a world inhabited by biological robots, mind controlled and completely compliant to those that have decided their fate for them.  […]

Believing It Is Possible – Belial and Why We Default To Our Mental Cages

“Repetition garners self-respect or self-loathing. You make a choice on what to repeat as a daily habit” – King Belial Belial has always trained me to understand that the real secret of success is a combination of determination, ferocity, happiness, and, repetition. When you want something in life, you’re going to have to repeat a […]

An Energy Healing Life Coach Will Change Your Life’s Trajectory

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be all too familiar with all the different names for life coaches; spiritual life coach, energy healing coach, life mentor, life coach and energy healer or intuitive life coach. And the list goes on. To me, the name is irrelevant, it’s about what YOU will achieve at […]

How To Summon Goddess Lilith

In the world of the occult, I’ve always found myself drawn to a figure. Her name is Lilith, the Goddess of independence, sensuality, and uncharted depths of power. Now I want to share the secrets of summoning her with you. Lilith, is the embodiment of defiance, a symbol of breaking free from convention, and a reflection […]

Yes You Can Begin Again. Here’s How…

“The transformation of dirt to Gold, begins with the Self. No matter how far you think it’s gone for you – there is help and hope. Only if you step forward to give it to yourself. That’s why you found Spartanite” – ME, Nadia Arain, The Spartanite Herself Often a time, we come from a […]

What is Dark Feminine Energy and How Can I Activate it?

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“Embrace your dark side, it’s where the magic happens” What is Dark Feminine Energy?  In a world confined by rigid societal expectations of how a woman “should be”, dark feminine energy emerges as an earth-shattering rebellion, a liberating force that smashes the chains of convention.  However therein lies the myth.  Dark feminine energy is not […]

Unleash Your Inner Polymath: Life Coaching for the Modern Renaissance Soul

Welcome to a world where boundaries are meant to be crossed, and limitations are merely stepping stones to greatness. If you’re a modern polymath, a seeker of knowledge and a master of multiple domains, then you’ve come to the right place. I offer distinctly unique coaching for Polymaths, read on to discover why my approach is […]

How do I choose a spiritual mentor

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These days, everyone seems to be claiming their status as a spiritual mentor or coach. Everyone and their dog, is now some sort of “coach”. Many possess a misconception that if they’ve succeeded as a life coach they now feel entitled to sell their services to those who are seeking a spiritual mentor.  But for […]