Loss Only Matters When It’s Mental

“You can lose your entire life the way I did and still be where I am because loss is a MENTAL process. Indeed somethings can never be begotten due to their finality, however I promise most is. What has gone, is not nearly as half important as your great life ahead. Giddy up – its […]

Finding The Courage To Be Yourself + Create Success as an Original

“KT, people don’t care half as much as you think they do. What’s the worst they will think of you if you openly practice your work the way I do? That you’re evil, that you’re not worth their time, that you do “weird shit”, that you hurt people, that you hex and curse and whatever […]

How To Navigate Life When You Feel “Lost” Feat. KING BELIAL

“Feeling like a lost cause is normal in periods of IMMENSE transformation, change, and, destiny facelifts. We are only comfortable when we have complete control over our surroundings. This is why most fear Success. Success requires DISCOMFORT” – ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE.   Often a time, people have come to me and expect me […]

Duchess Bune + Creating A Throne For Yourself

“You didn’t come for a coffee and a chat, Nadia. You came to us because you were desperate….BUT we helped you.” – Duchess Bune to Me – many times over about my destiny and life path of Spartanite.   I have many segments on Her Royal Highness, (Lady) Duchess Bune, 26th Spirit of the Goetia […]

2023 – The Year of The Money Hot Wiring Edition

“With each year comes a different energy. Learn the energetics behind it all and one always goes prepared” – ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE Happy New Year! 🙂 It is my first post of the year where I haven’t felt half dozed off or sleepy (or crazy). I have slept so much, I have felt […]

Ambition Meets Compassion : The Strive To Succeed

Disclaimer : This blog is a cross between my personal thoughts as a Sorceress meets Entrepreneur, Writer meets Beautician, Psychic former model, meets Wealth Consciousness. It is informative, arresting, and, provocative; I have designed it to be Dish De Jour — as of such. I am a Spartanite who lives in multiple worlds at one […]

Using Magick To Get Ahead & Create In Your Business

“Magick is one of THE PROVEN fastest ways many conglomerates and enterprises get ahead. It’s just YOU that doesn’t know…” — Me, Nadia Arain — The Spartanite Herself   It so happens Business brings to our doorsteps a plethora of life challenges, it becomes the axis upon which we create and sculpt a life that […]

How To Be Bold In YOU

Everyone knows what Boldness is…   Or do they?   Many people mistake confidence for boldness. However, confidence is showing up with the ability and skill to master a situation. Boldness doesn’t care, it shows up ANYHOW. Boldness is a sibling to DARING. Boldness simply is akin to fearlessness about what someone will think or […]

The Reality Of Power + Navigating Presence

“Navigating personal power is a challenging topic to write upon because the cold dark reality is, very few people are actually powerful. They just merely trick themselves to align with a world that will never have their weakness in the first place” — ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE   We live in a material plane […]