Belial + Finding The Courage To Stand Up For Yourself

“I don’t acknowledge the work. The work just gets done. Who looks at the price tag when they really want it?” – King Belial   In my workings with the Court, Belial’s insights have provided me some incredibly interesting ways to look at life and reconsider what the human race is taught. Especially, when it […]

Goddess Sekhmet & The Upcoming State Of Global Affairs

Lady wearing all black clothes sitting on stairs

“Take it! IT IS YOURS! You did not come here to just smile and be polite. Leave that for your photos. TAKE IT.   I WANT TO SEE WHO STOPS YOU TONIGHT when I am with you. Life is not about permission. And if someone tries to take your right away from you, be it […]

Using Your Survival Mentality + Mental Dexterity For Wild Success

“The biggest risk in life, is NOT to take a risk. When I entered the Qlippoth as a trained sorceress, or as some call THE QLIFA, it gave me immunity, cunning, and, protection – something I desperately needed in a world where I was left alone to navigate safety. You don’t know what you’re made […]

Words Become Worlds – Your Focal Point Of Existence

“The linguistics of what you MEAN to say however what your mind was trained to believe, creates a fork in the road. People get stuck in plateaus at the fork in speech and cognitive training” – King Belial encompassing what BLACK LABEL MENTORING, IS.   One of the most challenging smorgasbord of events, is your […]

From Dirt to Gold : Transformation of The Self

  “Most never learn to win because they are too busy being “right”. Winning, is a burning flame , set ablaze by deep desire to have what is coveted deeply by yourself ” — Introduction — WINNING : CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE WITH CHARM, MAGNETISM, AND, STRATEGY.    They say you cannot find gold, […]

Don’t make ASSUMPTIONS about your clients

Clients.   Clients and treating them well, and, respectfully — is the lifeblood of any business.   Yes, you will always have difficult people, just don’t work with them any longer. Being respectful, does not mean tolerating snarky, bad behaviour, a lack of tact, a lack of manners, and, an overall financial headache.   Today, […]

Clauneck & The Fastest Way To Elevate Your Life – Edition 2022

Happy New Year!   “When you get out of your OWN wallet and into the wallet of others, your life elevates”. – Me, Nadia Arain, THE SPARTANITE     A phenomenal conversation I had between a friend I have known over 10 years (and counting), and myself, lends me to write this post. She now […]

Clauneck : Entrepreneurial Ambitions and Commanding Your Power

One night , a few days after my birthday –I received a strange message at 2 am on Sparty Instagram.   Not thinking much of it, I finished my work and went to bed thinking I will look at it in the morning. Except, I just couldn’t sleep.   I got up and turned on […]

Your Self Worth Is Your Net Worth

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]CONFIDENCE IS EXTERNAL, ESTEEM IS THE INTERNAL FOUNDATION.  Many people come to me about issues with their self-esteem and issues where they struggle when it comes to asking for their worth, when it comes to trusting their intuition, when it comes to listening to themselves, as opposed to listening to anybody else.  […]

Wealth Consciousness & Overcoming “Acceptable Loss” For Financial Success

Many people are “money coaches”, and having the confusion, privilege, and, faculty to sit through this title at events I have attended over a span of time, I have often asked myself — “How can someone claim to teach about money and yet not teach anything at all?”. I remember once asking a woman who […]