Belial + Finding The Courage To Stand Up For Yourself

“I don’t acknowledge the work. The work just gets done. Who looks at the price tag when they really want it?” – King Belial   In my workings with the Court, Belial’s insights have provided me some incredibly interesting ways to look at life and reconsider what the human race is taught. Especially, when it […]

How To Overcome Self Doubt + Impostor Syndrome

“Life simply responds to your confidence levels. Discover security in your self, and you will find what used to bother you is a vapid void of nothingness” – ME, NADIA ARAIN – THE SPARTANITE   A large chunk of doing confidence and empowerment work, be it in magickal rituals for people to shift their inner […]

From Dirt to Gold : Transformation of The Self

  “Most never learn to win because they are too busy being “right”. Winning, is a burning flame , set ablaze by deep desire to have what is coveted deeply by yourself ” — Introduction — WINNING : CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE WITH CHARM, MAGNETISM, AND, STRATEGY.    They say you cannot find gold, […]

Healing Toxic Shame & Empowering Your Esteem

I have written many pieces on toxic shame and I continue to do so because toxic shame is the number one factor, as to why people don’t advance in life.   Sparty YouTube is an informative channel and yet controversial. Many people are incensed and angry to find out what my Spiritual beliefs are and […]

Identifying Victimhood and Rising Into Your Power

Considering that Victimhood is actually learned helplessness, it is a condition that through determination and self-effort, can be fixed.   Many people stay stuck in their lives because they simply lack the ability to see the glass half full (optimistic thinking), so to speak. This does not cover the round of toxic positivity. Toxic positivity, […]

Your Mindset vs Your Paradigm : Strategies For Unique Living

There is a tonne of mindset work on the market.    None of it is unique, elegantly styled, or, done in an revolutionary manner — that elicits much shift in a person’s approach to life, sadly enough.   In fact, so much so that “self-help” is a billion dollar industry. Yogis, coaches, healers, gurus — […]

The Energy Signature Of Success

Success, is a conjuring word.   In essence, it CONJURES many images in the mind.   As a collective, you’re led to believe you are only successful if you have a big house, drive a “socially approved car” (has to be of Luxury make or no bueno…?), wear a certain style of clothing that is […]

3 Signs Your Success In Business Is Secretly Motivated By Trauma

June.   We are approaching the decline of the Zenith of the half the year gone. June is that height of summer month, where everything One has set out at the start of the year, comes to a head and a crossroads. The month begins with the sign of Gemini, the sign of the twins […]

Are You Invisible To Yourself?

Invisibility to yourself, is an exceptionally common thing when you’re different.   Allow me to explain. If you relate, you will.   I have seen this situation with those who are truly special and are unique in their own way.   Most people are NOT unique and different. They’d only like to fancy themselves as […]