Sitri & Finding True Love In Your Life

“What is life without love? Empty, dark, and, desolate. Love gives us meaning, purpose, and, joy. It fills up all the spaces of sadness, loneliness, and, a void only Love touches. All we can ever hope for, is something true, meaningful, and, honest. Someone who makes us feel special after a long day, someone who […]

Healing Toxic Shame & Empowering Your Esteem

I have written many pieces on toxic shame and I continue to do so because toxic shame is the number one factor, as to why people don’t advance in life.   Sparty YouTube is an informative channel and yet controversial. Many people are incensed and angry to find out what my Spiritual beliefs are and […]

The Darkness Series : You Create Your Own Reality + Self-Compassion

Creating your own reality, is super-extraordinary and magnetically powerful.    Many people simply never change not because they may not find access to transform, however rather they choose not to. Their current default state SERVES them. There is a pay-off and a benefit to “staying the same”.   I will never forget the biggest longest […]

Channeling Bune — Sex Dolls & The Destruction of The Healthy Feminine

Duchess Bune and I, have had some interesting chats in this psychotic year and one of them came as a surprise to me.    Bune is HRH, and the 26th Spirit of the Goetia, very well known for her aristocratic flair, beauty, wisdom, and, command over money, marketing, and, of course; necromancy.    It was […]

The Energy Signature Of Success

Success, is a conjuring word.   In essence, it CONJURES many images in the mind.   As a collective, you’re led to believe you are only successful if you have a big house, drive a “socially approved car” (has to be of Luxury make or no bueno…?), wear a certain style of clothing that is […]

Duchess Bune & Healing Your Beauty Blocks After Narcissistic Abuse

“Abuse damages your sense of identity, your sense of worth, your sense of beauty.– Lady Duchess Bune   Duchess Bune, the 26th renowned Spirit of the Goetia, often has a lot to say when it comes to Femininity and “Beauty Blocks”. She’s an exceptionally well-rounded and clever Spirit and is INSTRUMENTAL in me finding my […]

The Alignment of Money In Your Life Through Erotic Depth of Divine Sexuality

Divine Sexuality, has a big part to play when it comes to a person’s finances. Especially from a Spiritual standpoint.    Now, this post isn’t for people who want to be all out left brained about calculating their sums of whatever comes in and out (adding up all the fun bits in-between). One of my […]

Chessboard Global Events : What Can Be Expected Next

I, typically do not have the habit on writing these types of posts, I let others do it for the most part. There are things we often see coming long ahead before it hits landfall, when there is a quiet in the storm, a lull in the current of the Ocean. That is the time […]