Duchess Bune & Healing Your Beauty Blocks After Narcissistic Abuse

“Abuse damages your sense of identity, your sense of worth, your sense of beauty.– Lady Duchess Bune   Duchess Bune, the 26th renowned Spirit of the Goetia, often has a lot to say when it comes to Femininity and “Beauty Blocks”. She’s an exceptionally well-rounded and clever Spirit and is INSTRUMENTAL in me finding my […]

The Alignment of Money In Your Life Through Erotic Depth of Divine Sexuality

Divine Sexuality, has a big part to play when it comes to a person’s finances. Especially from a Spiritual standpoint.    Now, this post isn’t for people who want to be all out left brained about calculating their sums of whatever comes in and out (adding up all the fun bits in-between). One of my […]

Lady Duchess Bune — The Womb Is a Treasure Chest & Embodies Diamond Radiance

This post is addressed to Ladies; Gentlemen are most welcome to read and further themselves on a topic that will GREATLY benefit their understanding of a woman.   And a man who deeply understands a woman, has success with them.    Real success.    Not manufactured Pick Up Artist, “I will show you how to […]

Duchess Bune & The Connection of Sexual Arousal & Receiving Money

I should really write more about Duchess Bune…I work a tremendous amount with her, and always oddly end up writing about Clauneck, however I have decided to honour Lady Bune equally in my blogs, as she has a full section of her own on our site, anyway. You can find her section by clicking this […]

Part 4 : Forbidden Knowledge : The Occult Power Of Sex

Disclaimer : If you are a survivor of sexual violence — man or woman, please read at your own caution or have someone you love and trust with you to help you process the feelings that arise after what I write. Thank you 🙂   Sex is a topic that every single person wants to […]

Channeling President Malphas & The Wisdom Of Divine True Love

President Malphas, has been one of my to go to Spirits, that I have worked with, for the past 2 years repeatedly. Manifesting himself as a Crow Daemon, I came to realise I needed to channel him after I was driving 2 weeks back, and saw “Malpas Lane” on a side road which was a […]

Why Sexual Magnetism Is Key To Living Authentically

Sexual Magnetism, is one of those elusive topics that everyone seems to try and discover more information on.   It has become a disquieting, boring topic because all they ever seem to cover is technique, and how to wield sexuality as a weapon, instead of a graceful source of power. Sex in today’s age, is […]

What Is The Primordial Dark Divine Feminine For A Man?

Descend down a flight of Stairs.    Stairs that speak quiet musings of hushed Liasons, stairs that keep many secrets. Stairs carved of rock, leading a courageous man into the Abyss. Stairs illuminated with small candle lanterns, leading the way. The Abyss. The Divine. Enter the Dark Divine Feminine. She is here to welcome you. […]